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Thread: Cortland Line Company Bought by Group of Private Investors

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    Default Re: Cortland Line Company Bought by Group of Private Investors

    Ahhh, I read it again and see now. The technical tapers don't mess with the DT, he wasn't saying not to mess with the DT haha. Sorry about that, I misread. So go for the DT and be super excited when I do?

    I have a 4wt 333 that was my first fly line, I still use it for bass in nasty water.

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    Default Re: Cortland Line Company Bought by Group of Private Investors

    Cortland was an inovative and great fly line company until SA, behind the technological might of 3M, eclipsed them in the 80's. They also lost key personel to other companies including RIO and mortality. Their braided dacron "Micron" backing is still the industry standard and I prefere it to gelspun in most applications. I just recieved a new "Boss" extended head 5-weight and plan on testing it against RIO Gold and SA Expert Distance Taper...later for a report on that. With new resources and, importantly, leadership, Cortland may well recreate itself as a central player among fly fishing brands. Good luck, Cortland

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    Default Re: Cortland Line Company Bought by Group of Private Investors

    I don't get the fan base that the Peach has. I had some in the 90's, didn't last a season until it started cracking. It was replaced for free which was cool. I used it until I got some Wulff TT. I thought that was a much better line then the Cortland. Late 90's I got my LT and tried a SA line on. Since then it's been SA and Rio for floating lines, and the only Cortland line I have is the intermediate sink Clear Camo. ( which might be replaced by AirFlo Glass). I did buy some Sylk for my cane and 'glass and I thought that was the biggest waste of money ever. But I understand it has gotten better.
    Now, 90% of my floating lines for graphite, 'glass and bamboo is Sharkskin. From 3wt up to 8. It works most excellent for my rods and style.
    I hope Cortland can get back in the game. It's a great company. If they come up with a good line, I'd love to give it a go.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Default Re: Cortland Line Company Bought by Group of Private Investors

    Well Cortland was a good brand in the past but it is now lower quality nd yet they keep the price tag high. I rarely get any good reviews on Cortland products but i do have to deal with complaints about the quality of there products. there reels are bad ( my opinion) they are really cheap materials an cast bang the reel seat slightly = broken reel
    lines are outdated compared to Rio and SA at around the same price ortland nets are Cheap and tend to split ( also smell bad )
    I do own a Cortland line it has lasted but i wouldnt buy another one.
    I Really hope they can pull there finger out and step up there game and get back to making quality and lines and equipment people will be proud and happy to own.
    Live,Love,and Fish

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