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    Default Re: Hardy and Greys Up For Sale

    I have a couple of Featherweights; clearly that Hardy line is manufactured in Korea and, given the prices of Hardy reels manufactured in the UK plus the technology and the performance of this product in my hands, I think that these Korean reels are priced reasonably. And I really do like the Korean-built Featherweights; they're my favorite reel for most 3 wt. rod applications; lightweight, smooth drag and classic look.

    My favorite reel is still their UK-manufactured Perfect, which, for me, is just that.


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    If I understand correctly, the Hardy rods (SINTRIX) and reels (Ultralite DD and Fortuna,et al) that are made in Korea are produced in state-of-the-art shops with thorough input and oversight from UK and US Hardy personnel. Some reel parts that involve steel are made in the UK and shipped to Korea where the quality aluminum machining and assembly are completed. There are SINTRIX rods made in the UK as well for over a grand each which I have never personally seen. Hardy is striving to survive in an internationally competitive world without sacrificing quality. I too love it when a venerable company in our fly fishing or any other industry devises a way to continue to produce the finest quality products here in the US or, in this case, Britain, preserving a tradition of craftsmanship and pride in workmanship. But in an ever increasingly international economic environment, partnerships must be formed and, when they are formed with nations that ally themselves with America, I have learned to accept this modern reality.

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    I wonder what kind of money it would take to purchase that Name etc?
    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    Default Re: Hardy and Greys Up For Sale

    Odd...they finally tap into the U.S with one of the best rods in years (Zenith) and now they decide to sell...I sure hope they continue to grow in the right direction.

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