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    At least I know the trout aren't being pushed around in their own feces with a fork lift...

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    This thread brings back memories. I designed and built packaging machinery for them back in the 70/80's. They were called clear springs trout farm then. I traveled there several times for custom installation of new tooling. They were great people and an awesome processing plant in its simplicity. The spring creek runs through the center of the processing plant before continuing to the raceways along the snake river. Its the only water source the trout are processed in.

    As with all mom and pop places I went to there was always at least one home built machine of some sorts. Someone at clear creeks built a gutting machine shaped like a vertical oval racetrack. Roller-chain driven scoops would continually dip into a basin of creek water and each trout would be perfectly positioned step by step as they come out of the water and begin the cutting and rinsing. It was so simple. Then they continue on their way to the girls for packing. I always got a box of trout to take back on the plane ride home. It was a happy, beautiful place to work in.

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    Has anyone tried these burgers? I always like finding new ways to prepare trout. They look pretty good and I suspect they are healthy.

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    It's got to be great with Idaho scuds..

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    sorry,I ment Spuds..

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