Over the holiday season and on into January, Atlantic salmon continued in the news.

Stress, Hormones and Disease related in Atlantic salmon
A new doctoral study from Norway has shown how stress raises a hormone level impacting the immune system of Atlantic salmon. This is ground-breaking research.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Stress Initiates Disease in Atlantic Salmon

Connecticut River Salmon Association Dinner Jan. 19
The CSRA 37th Annual Dinner is coming up, and is a wonderful opportunity to support Atlantic salmon restoration in the Connecticut River system while sharing an evening with other dedicated conservationists. The link below gives details. Alternatively, email Tchrosniak@comcast.net
Atlantic Salmon Federation - CRSA Annual Dinner Jan 19

Genetically Modified Salmon Closer to Approval
Just before Christmas the US Food and Drug Administration released their environmental assessment on the impact of GM Salmon, finding the salmon would have no significant impact.
The study had been completed in May, but was not released until late Dec.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Engineered Salmon Closer to Reality

Boycott of Farmed Salmon Attempts to Go Viral
Concerns about farmed salmon impacts on both the environment and other economic activities on both coasts have led a grassroots organization to call for a boycott of farmed Atlantic salmon.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Boycott of Salmon Feedlots

Reminder, if you were a salmon angler in NB in 2012:
Return green live release cards that accompanied the NB live release license by January 31 to be included in the draws being sponsored by ASF and the NB Salmon Council.

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