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Thread: Our Parks

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    CF you've got it 'nailed.

    Many of the BLM (all?) camp grounds have Vollie host(s) and get a free 'space' and RV hook ups for their unit.

    Place clean? OH SOO YES! Ever get a chance go to Susan Creek on the Umpqua river .... you could eat off the streets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by double d View Post
    The National Parks were created by the Federal Government, but wow-now they are suffering because of the recent gov. problems in D.C. Not sure if states can staff and budget National Parks or for long. Good posting.

    The Grand Canyon is monster cash cow in our state, to bad the money is taken out of the state.

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    A guy that keeps his boat at Lake Powell was just down there fishing. The authorities (?) told the people that had their boats in the slips they could only check up on them. No fishing. No sight seeing.
    He went out and a couples miles from the slips, they started to fish. The federal cops who are still on the water, saw them and told them if they catch them fishing again they will be charged with trespassing.
    I'd like to see how that would hold up in court.
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