I drive a tractor trailer for a living & do much of my driving at night, so the chances of hitting animals is increased. Fortunately, I've only hit 2 deer in about 25 years. The first one, about 20 years ago went into the freezer, as we were empty & heading back. I had to drive near my house so that was no problem. The second one was left on the side of the road, as it was broadsided, badly damaged & my employer would likely get upset if I had put a bleeding deer carcass in a trailer full of food.

While a partner was driving several years ago a deer ran into the side of our trailer, bounced off & staggered around several minutes. Knocked the poor thing loopy, but it did eventually walk away into the woods. We stopped to check for damage, but there was none, except to the deer. Hopefully it survived with nothing more than a headache! Strange!

I've picked up all kinds of roadkill over the years to get fur & feathers, particularly when I did a lot of hunting & trapping.