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    Default Somerset Show 2014

    Bitter temperatures and a few additional inches of snow were hardly conducive to contemplating fly fishing but the warmth, freshness and camaraderie of the Somerset Fly Fishing Show, never-the-less, stamped it as the unofficial begging of fishing season. Friends and vendors from around the Country, even the World were in attendance and I even enjoyed the first time experience of riding in the hotel elevator and a fellow passenger inquiring of me, "You wouldn't happen to be SweetandSalt would you?" Here among a thousand convivial men and women each sporting a hat and shirt emblazoned with logos of fly fishing brands and services, I was dressed in official Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing attire and I had mentioned here that I could be found at the PHWFF booth.

    Many, but not all the tackle brands we frequently discuss on the Forum were in attendance, Orvis, SA, Rajeff Sports (Airflo) and Winston were conspicuously absent. This was counterbalanced though by some previously unknown to me new rod and reel makers. Seele is a several month old Pennsylvania based maker of glass and graphite rods that attracted interest from quite a few rod aficionados and there was new product of note from Sage, Scott, T&T and more. 3-TAND is a designer of handsome, performance reels with sealed, stacked drag systems for trout to blue water at reasonable prices that generated quite a buzz and there was plenty of news from the newly connected Abel and Ross companies too.

    Over the next couple of days I will strive to address specifics about some of the new products I examined in the appropriate Tackle sections of our Forum below. However, after four days of walking hard concrete floors​ and discussing fly fishing and tackle related issues from breakfast until after midnight at the hotel bar, I do require a little recovery time.

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    S&S how strange we met like that but I apologized to not visiting your booth as my friend was on time restraint but would have enjoyed to speak at length with you. Mike Mcfarland is very good friend and I feel very capable of talking about his rods. He is a master of tapers and rod design plus elegant builder. I thought the finish work on his graphite rods seen in Somerset looked lik Tom Morgan Rodsmith level. It was too busy to speak with Mike about his new series but Michael Mouri and he will be an outstanding source of great rods. I like a soft rod hence fiberglass but the graphite rods Mike has built for me are in the classic Scott G, Sage LL, Winston WT type of actions but he has also rolled some powerful fast action sticks as well. Again he designs the taper and rolls the rods plus builds them. What was shown in Jersey is just the beginning of this new company . I too respectfully await your words of gear reviews.

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    Default Re: Somerset Show 2014

    I was at Somerset on Saturday and probably bumped into, ran into, stepped on the foot of, or jostled many members of the forum without knowing it.... How about a nice little pin, about the size of a lapel pin, with NAFF on it. Then members could recognize their common membership and say hello!!! Anyone else think this is a good idea.... or am I just crazeeeeee....

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