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    I don't want to belabour this, but video marketing is my business.

    When you market your product by pointing out what you feel are the downsides to the traditional product you immediately make people defend their choice. That's not a great strategy. And your negative points about conventional waders are a stretch at best.

    It does not take more than 10 secs to put on waders. Less if they have a zipper.

    Waders are not the death trap some people believe them to be.

    Water to skin contact for hours isn't comfortable.

    And while falling into the water is a pain in the ass, the same situation that would allow water to get into waders would soak whatever shirt you are wearing with your wader skins necessitating a clothing change.

    Let me see if I can put this another way.

    Steve Jobs didn't introduce the iPod by pointing out how much better it was than the Walkman or Discman. He held it up and said, "it's a thousand songs in your pocket."

    You don't have a better wader or a new take on a wetsuit. You have a product that allows outdoor sportsmen/women to be warm and comfortable for longer in the water. That's intriguing.

    When Under Armour started they went to the parking lots of NFL teams and handed out product to a few players as they went to their cars. The other players saw the gear in the locker room and wanted it. This was early influencer marketing.

    Find six young adventurers from a variety of water sports (including fly fishing) and send them full suits. Their ability to influence will get you on the map.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Wader Skins vs. Waders

    Appreciate the feedback. Good points brought up. Wader Skins™ are designed to enable outdoors people to enjoy themselves comfortably in a wide variety of aquatic sports. We do have Wader Skins™ out in the hands of various outdoorsmen, from fishing guides to kayak and paddle board instructors and will be putting out their feedback as we get it in. The message we are working to convey is more broad-based in various outreach programs to appeal across various outdoor/aquatic sports, focused on all the various positive attributes of Wader Skins™ (versatile for numerous applications, custom made in the USA, etc.)..

    Ron Beltramo
    Founder of Wader Skins™

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    Default Re: Wader Skins vs. Waders

    To all:
    Thanks to all for the feedback on Wader Skins™ so far...mostly very helpful comments.

    We now have just 47 hours left on the Kick Starter special introductory offer for Wader Skins™ (ends Friday, August 11th)…offering a special price of $350 ($25 savings), plus we pay the freight (another $15 savings). If you want to take advantage of this price, order now.

    We did have an inquiry to purchase just the leggings portion of Wader Skins™, and I wanted to make a special offer to the Fly Fishing Forum of $110 for the Leggings only and I will pay the freight for orders through the end of August (contact me directly on this legging offer).

    We are excited about Wader Skins™, and think it is a perfect match for Fly Fishers from Float Tubes, Pontoon Boats and Kayaks as well as wading. The key points are that each Wader Skin™ is custom made to fit (manufactured here in California) and they offer real comfort & safety used in a wide array of aquatic environments. Wader Skins™ are made of 3-millimeter neoprene…with torso and legging sections, attached by Velcro.

    Wader Skins™ deliver a comfortable, warm and safe way to be in the water doing what you love. Beyond fishing, Wader Skins™ are perfect for water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, water skiing, wake boarding or jet skiing. If you were going to buy one product to support a wide array of aquatic activities, Wader Skins™ is the obvious choice.

    Click here for our Kickstarter page!

    See how WaderSkins are the perfect solution at our website!

    Hope to see you out in the water wearing your Wader Skins™.

    Ron Beltramo
    Founder of Wader Skins™

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    In that I would probably never take off the legs while wading, what makes these better than buying a farmer john wet suit for less than $100? Seems like the same concept but I can buy from O'Neill or someone like them for much less.

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    Default Re: Wader Skins vs. Waders

    One of the great things about Wader Skins™ is that they are custom made to fit each individual. My experience, having bought a few wetsuits, is that small, medium, large, extra large, does not fit each individual perfectly. Just like if you were to buy a dress suit, it usually needs to be tailored to fit each individual properly. In addition, there may be occasions where you want to fish in small streams or from a pontoon boat on a hot day, and you don't want to wear the torso (just the leggings). Wader Skins™ deliver the right fit for you and versatility of use for a number of aquatic sports applications.

    If you want more information, go to the website at or check out the video at [ame][/ame].

    One last point...we have reduced the price for Wader Skins™ to $299.95, making them a better value.

    Hope you enjoy your time in the water!

    Ron Beltramo
    Founder of Wader Skins™

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    I wear wet suits a couple of times each year to put my dock in the lake. I can tell you that, when the water is cold, you will get cold eventually as well. I would prefer to wear my warm neoprene waders when the water is really cold, because I will stay warmer longer. Perhaps you have solved this problem, but as an old guy who no longer bends too well, getting into waders is a real giant pain the the butt. I don't know how easy it is to get int the Wader Skins, but I sure hope it's far easier than a wet suit. My final concern is, how hot are Wader skins if you have to walk a long distance on a hot day? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Wader Skins vs. Waders

    One of the nicest features about Wader Skins™ is that they are easy to get in and out of. Putting them on, you first put on the Torso section, than each legging, pulling the Velcro section down from the Torso where it joins the leggings at the thigh to secure them together. In addition, each legging has a slit with Velcro at the ankle so it is really easy expand to get your foot through, than close with the Velcro. Taking them off is also easier, as you take off each Legging (opening up the ankle area) than the Torso comes off last. If you go to the website (Wader Skins) and watch the video, you will get the idea.

    Wader Skins™ are made out of 3MM Neoprene, so it is mid-range in terms of ability to keep you warm. I have fished the Trinity River in Northern California during steelhead season wearing my Wader Skins™ and been immersed in cold (38 degrees) water, and been comfortable for 6 hour stints. I recommend a good pair of wading socks (I prefer Adamsbuilt wading socks) as they work really well with Wader Skins™, keep my feet warm and are comfortable inside my wading boots.

    In terms of walking a long distance on a hot day (like 100 degrees), it can be miserable wearing waders or Wader Skins™. When I am going to be walking for some distance out of water on a hot day, I might either pull down the Torso to my waist, or take off the Torso completely (just leave on the Leggings). Wearing the Leggings can be great if you are walking in tough terrain or in thistles or berry bushes...protects your legs and won't impact the performance of wearing Wader Skins™ (small pin holes don't matter with neoprene)...not so with waders.

    I am an older fellow as well, and I have found that Wader Skins™ provide a lot of versatile aquatic options, while keeping me safe & warm...and getting in and out of them is simple & easy.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your time in the outdoors for many years to come!

    Ron Beltramo
    Founder of Wader Skins™

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