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    Default ?I want to tie flies, what materials do I need??

    If only your faithful correspondent had a for every time he has been asked that, or a similar question…

    The correct answer of course is, “It depends…”

    The flies used in this blog are all simple to tie, because this blogger is not what you’d describe as a “skilful fly dresser”.* They all work well, because there is no point in making flies and carrying them about if they don’t!

    This little table below might prove helpful to anyone starting out to make themselves their own version of the “Derbyshire Fly Box”.* Readers from around the world have been very kind in reporting that, on their rivers, these flies do still work and often*working very well indeed.* It may also make a good starting point for a newcomer to dressing their own flies.

    ->Click it for a closer view!

    Of course you will need some hooks and the tools.

    (Oops!! I’ve also forgotten to add the materials in for the wings of the PPSG Poly Prop Spent Gnat… Sorry!)

    Regular Rod

    Where to find more….

    If you enjoyed this blog from the Dry Fly ‘Expert’ that we reproduce here with his kind permission, then please do consider subscribing at*Dry Fly 'Expert', or just catch up on some of his earlier blogs you have missed. They are always a fascinating insight into the different aspects of fly fishing, and in particular the noble pastime of dry fly fishing.

    Source Article...

  2. Default Re: ?I want to tie flies, what materials do I need??

    Your "needs" as a start up tyer can best determined by taking a novice class or finding a very patient experienced mentor.

    Asking on the inet will only confuse things. You need hands on expertise.


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    Default Re: ?I want to tie flies, what materials do I need??

    Classes & a mentor are always a great idea. Certainly should get a person started in the right direction, and shorten the learning curve compared to trial & error. However, beyond the instruction, vise & tools needs, the materials needed will be determined first by the fish species that will be targeted.

    Unfortunately, too many folks who give this "needs" advice assume the beginning tyer will be targeting trout, and that's not always the case.

    It hardly makes a lot of sense for a person living in South Florida who decides to take up tying to have recommended to them to be buying dry fly capes, if they'll be targeting warmwater or saltwater fish species.

    The second consideration, and a better one for determining materials needs is the actual flies that will be fished. It makes more financial sense to begin purchasing supplies for specific patterns or fly types, rather than attempting to simply purchase based on the broader range of available materials. That can cost a small fortune, even though we all usually after extensive tying experience, gather a fortune in tying supplies anyway. With many of these materials, there's overlap in the patterns & styles they're useful for, and often enough quantity in a package that more flies can be tied other than the initial patterns pr style for which they're purchased.

    It is often difficult for a beginner, who is both starting to tie & may be new to fly fishing to know what flies they'll need, but unless they're matching a specific "hatch", most any popular pattern or style is a good place to start. A fly fisher who has experience, but has delayed tying until later years should already have a good idea about what they need.

    I agree with what DDB has said about confusion. Even when the question of what flies to begin tying is asked, the plethora of recommendations can be overwhelming, as everyone who fly fishes has their favorites. No one can tie them all.

    My reply is often, "pick one", which certainly goes along with the original idea expressed here by the Editor, that "it depends".
    Remember, no one likes to be behind the big truck, but that's better than being under it!

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