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    Lefty has long been such a fixture at the big fly fishing shows that his absence on the casting pond and around the gaggle of his close friends at the TFO booth made the new and gigantic Edison Show feel somehow smaller. The TFO group did call him regularly to keep him appraised of goings on. For some reason mysterious to me, we don't seem to develop seminal giants of fly fishing like Lee Wulff, Ernest Schweibert and Bernard Victor Kreh. Sure, there are many very talented and charismatic individuals involved in fly fishing but none with the depth and breadth of influence of these great fishermen.
    Most today seek the fame. I think Lefty and his predecessors just wanted to help. They just wanted more people to fly fish. Lefty was more than just approachable. As described above by sparsegraystubble he didn't wait for you to come to him, he came to you. When you watch his fly fishing videos how many times does he pick a young lady or a kid from the crowd? He gets them casting in no time. He's rough around the edges but overall he's sharing what he loves.

    The fame is part of it. It's not that he's better than everyone it's that he loves fishing and wants everyone else to as well. He doesn't just want you to be ok with fishing, he wants it to be a second religion. He wants to make you a fly fishing disciple. I just don't get that from many of today's celebrities. There are a couple tiers out there that are pretty humble and seem to have a similar passion. Most today want to be Lefty and have his notoriety. Lefty just wants to go fishing.

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    Just a heads up that the April-May 2018 edition of Fly Fisherman magazine has both an editor’s column and a tribute to Lefty written by Flip Pallot.

    Both are well worth reading.


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    Lefty Kreh died today - March 14th. See below:

    Bernard Victor Kreh “Lefty” passed away today in the presence of his family. He passed without pain. He told us multiple times during the worsening of his illness how lucky he was to have so many friends. During these last few weeks he was so sick and without energy that he was unable to respond to any emails and the many phone messages left for him. I can say this was a-great comfort to him.
    There will be a celebration of his life in the upcoming weeks. We will update you when plans are made.
    Lefty would want us to celebrate life and not mourn him.
    During the course of the week that I’ve been here, one thing he kept mumbling was Spirit Springs, over and over. When I asked him, what or where that is, he simply replied, that’s where he’s going, to fishing heaven, to Spirit Springs.
    He passed peacefully and with no pain. He was surrounded by family and loved ones.
    At the time of his death, a hard wind shook the house as if he was taking the winds home to my Grandma.
    As he got me into photography, he once told me he had to carry a camera with him because you never know when something may take your breath away and you want to take it home for later.
    So on ending this, I know myself and all of you are going to look to the water now, and if you come to a spot where something takes your breath away, I’m going to feel his presence each time and take a photo. That way I can take a bit of the inspiration and his spirit back home with me.
    Tight Lines, best wishes, and All The Best,
    Sam and The Kreh Family
    In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial contributions be made to: Greater Baltimore Medical Center / Gilchrist hospice in honor of Lefty Kreh to Mail to: GBMC Philanthropy, 6701 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21204; or online at Donate Now - GBMC HealthCare - Greater Baltimore Medical Center - Towson-Baltimore, MD (Under “Designation” choose “Other.” Then in the next field, type: “Lefty Kreh Memorial”); or call: 443-849-3303.

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    An amazing man, fly caster and brilliant communicator. RIP Lefty.

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    Sad news indeed but what a life and a man worth celebrating. A true innovator of our sport. RIP Lefty - we will miss you.
    Paul Sharman
    Fish and Fly Ltd

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