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Thread: Nebraska says snag yourself a Paddlefish

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    Default Nebraska says snag yourself a Paddlefish

    This is a dedicated thread for discussing news item: Nebraska says snag yourself a Paddlefish

    I've always been quite curious about the Paddlefish. I'm not a fan of snagging I have to admit even though it would appear to be the only way to catch them but anyway, I'm just wondering if any of our members out there fish for them? Any stories and/or photos to share? Post them below please, I'd like to see them.

    Would it be possible to snag them with a fly rod??



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    Default Re: Nebraska says snag yourself a Paddlefish

    I live on the Ohio River, which is one of the few remaining rivers to harbor the American paddlefish (the Chinese paddlefish is now presumed to be extinct) and have seen a few of them. They are beautiful fish but in a bizarre way. Decidedly unlike anything else swimming in the river.

    My personal opinion is that snagging these fish should be outlawed, as it's a horrific end to a very slow-growing creature. There's little usable meat on a paddlefish (25%?) and while the roe makes excellent caviar, it's totally random what you'll bring up on a snag hook. Their numbers have been in decline for years due to over-harvest and habitat destruction and "sport snagging" only exacerbates the issue. It seems to me that snagging fish is no different than using dynamite, poison, or electrical shock. Again, just my personal opinion.

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    Default Re: Nebraska says snag yourself a Paddlefish

    Is a paddle fish a bowfin or totally different?

    Sorry I should have done a search before I posted that, what a wild fish though!!!
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