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And besides, who would actually transfer those fish in a bucket, and why? It is no easy task to catch a fish, and to catch enough fish to populate a lake, and keep them in less than ideal conditions until enough fish are caught to transfer and establish a breeding population does not seem to be all that plausible to me.
Illegal fish transfers/introductions are surprisingly (and sadly) common. Sometimes just emptying a bait bucket is enough to infest a lake with a Chub population so thick that it chokes out the trout here in Utah.

To answer your question on WHY? Random/intentional/illegal stockings are commonplace from coast-to-coast. I am not a biologist, but a regular contributor to a local (Utah) fishing forum is, and his thoughts are:
Vain and selfish people sometimes think they know more or better than those whose job it is to help maintain an ecosystem. They randomly scatter new species into places they do not belong and the results may forever alter that system.

There was an article in the local news here a few year's back that named a dozen (worst) cases where illegally stocked fish had established and taken over a lake or reservoir. The latest is Utah Lake and it's exploding Northern Pike population.

Honestly it happens all the time. I would be willing to bet that fisheries managers in nearly every state deal with this on a regular basis.