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    Default Re: Introducing – BANANA RODS

    I'm not a superstitious person at all...but my boat Captain might be.

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    Default Re: Introducing – BANANA RODS

    While many may think there's better names for a startup rod company (and there is of course) I'm going to support Forumite jangles here,the banana thing is ancient superstition.If you believe this you believe in Santa Claus too,and if your Guide/Boat Captain is into it as well think seriously about parting with your hard earned.
    FACT CHECK: 'Bananas on a Boat' Superstition

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    Default Re: Introducing – BANANA RODS

    ...and while I'm at it (lol) a banana is one of the best things to eat if you're a fisherman as they're rich in Fibre,Antioxidants and Nutrients that makes for an ideal combination that prevents cramps.That's why top tennis players eat them between games.
    Potassium: 9% of the RDI
    Vitamin B6: 33% of the RDI
    Vitamin C: 11% of the RDI
    Magnesium: 8% of the RDI
    Copper: 10% of the RDI
    Manganese: 14% of the RDI
    Net carbs: 24 grams
    Fiber: 3.1 grams
    Protein: 1.3 grams
    Fat: 0.4 gr

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    Default Re: Introducing – BANANA RODS

    We may not pay much attention to it on our side of the pond but there is a major European fishing show, EFFEX, that all our big rod makers participate in. Regularly, Sage, Loomis or Winston come away with some sort of best in show acknowledgment. At the core of international marketing is informing the angling public about material science and fabrication advancements and perhaps most impotently, the creative design person(s), their background and philosophy. Banana will need to reverse this process and participate here in North America but first should lay a groundwork to inspire interest.

    Here through our Forum I became aware of Stickman Rods. This is a one man custom shop with partnerships in blank fabrication that is not available in shops, only by direct order. Akos, its Hungarian owner/creator participates here periodically, most recently in the Sanded/Unsanded thread and several of our hard core rod aficionado members have acquired rods from him, sight unseen. One, eastern caster, is a friend of mine and one of the absolute finest casters I know as well as being a Master IFF Certified type. When he and a few others heap accolades on a rod, I want to know more. Last year his T8 accompanied me to Edison where it competed with the major league new class of flats rods ultimately being selected to bed a core component of my springtime southern Andros caught a bonefish literally on its very first cast.

    Stickman is a one man operation and does not intend and can not produce more rods than it currently sells but Banana seems to have broader aspirations. OK, Banana, who are you and what do you have?

    [PS: There are more than one US rod makers who started with a name that changed and altered their marketing presence.]
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    Default Re: Introducing – BANANA RODS

    I would like to know if there is a US distributor of these rods, and also would love to read some expert reviews.

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    Default Re: Introducing – BANANA RODS

    Bonjour, Banana! I hope that, if you are following this thread, the air of scepticism isn't off-putting. Much of it is born from an ardent passion for our petite branch of the sport and with many members it's our life's focus - which is why we're here, after all. It's probably why you're doing what you're doing, too, and good luck to you. I think that those who have been around a bit have read all the advertising spiel too often before and are understandably wary of website words. As so few will be able to cast your rods at the moment, the next best thing would be if a member of staff could engage with us and answer technical questions as they arise. I sincerely think you'll garner more honest interest and pave the way to expanding your business if you do.
    Personally, I'm interested when small companies manufacture their blanks in-house - it suggests to me that they will strive for the highest quality and performance. They will soon fail if they do not, after all.

    I feel I must say, though, that this 'banana in the boat' superstition is not limited to the USA. I've met it myself in Scotland and from otherwise rational gillies. Personally, I'd never heard of it until 2013 when a chap was honestly upset I'd brought a banana into the boat. He was an ex-national fly fisher and otherwise moderately well balanced but 'bananas in the boat was a big 'Non!' to him. I've asked others about it since and they've said, 'Yup, it's a no-no.' It wouldn't matter to me but, as Obelix once observed, ''These Britons are crazy''
    Whether this minor faux-pas is enough to make you rethink your branding I don't know. I doubt it, but if you weren't already aware, I'm certain it will put some folk off.
    All the best to you, I look forward to casting your rods one day.

    sweet&salt wrote:
    [PS: There are more than one US rod makers who started with a name that changed and altered their marketing presence.]
    It would take a sage to name just one of them, though.
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    Default Re: Introducing – BANANA RODS

    I view the Banana in Boat thing not as a superstation (though no doubt that is its origin) but as, is so relevant in our sport, a tradition.

    I have reviewed the Banana web site which is very attractive, however, as Lewis suggested, please participate in this introductory thread. Many of us would like to learn more about your fabrication process and material science beyond your employment of off-axis fiber wrapping. Most importantly to me is who is your rod taper designer and what is his/there philosophy and background.

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    Default Re: Introducing – BANANA RODS

    Interesting questions gentlemen, thank you. I will see if I can persuade someone technically minded from the company to answer, although it may well be via me I suspect.

    Paul Sharman
    Fish and Fly Ltd

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    hi s+s,

    perhaps you΄ll have a look on babylon blank website - technical division...may be a little more light in the French darkroom...

    they seem to work together rather engaged.

    maybe a new star or perhaps only a shooting star - i don΄t know.

    it΄s a variant of bihelix a.s.o.

    in my opinion france will be the first market, gb will not be a succes in the future - perhaps they try it in us?

    nice week.


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    Default Re: Introducing – BANANA RODS

    I apologize for my previous comments . They were meant to be humorous and I see now they were rude and uncalled for . I'm sorry .
    Thread Killer

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