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    Default Re: Introducing BANANA RODS

    This reminds me of some of the Japanese products over the years and their misunderstanding of other markets and languages. Within the surfing world there are nylon shirts worn (sometimes) under wetsuits and they are referred to as "rash guards". So, there was a Japanese company that decided to co-opt the term and bring a line of wetsuits to market: Rash Wetsuits. Needless to say, not many are signing up to buy a wetsuit that causes a rash. They went under in short order.

    In the Florida Keys, a banana on some charter boats (fly or light tackle) could get you thrown off a boat -no kidding. Bring a Banana rod on and let us know how that goes

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    Default Re: Introducing BANANA RODS

    When I travelled I saw a few dubiously named products which would raise eyebrows and kill sales in the UK. 'Cock Fireworks' may be fine in India but would put a schoolboy smirk on many Brit's face with a fondness for Benny Hill. I reckon so for the States, too? 'The Big Bang', anyone?
    'Fanny Jam' was a Bolivian breakfast treat but, even given our different uses of the word, neither sounds particularly appetising. Nor do 'Otis Spunkmeyer's cookies' travel well. They just sound seedy to me.
    But my favourite faux pas must be these Japanese '******' lures (2005-2012!) which can never have been intended for export to the UK.
    Ha! The offending word is banished here, too. I didn't think you guys used it?

    Back to Banana and the stigma .... When I looked again at the range of rods there aren't many designed for boat fishing in particular - which is the only time the 'problem' would arise with those who are bothered. I imagine the bulk of their customer base is in Mainland Europe, fishing freshwater from the bank of river or stillwater and, practically, the likelihood of 'Banana Rod Meets Superstitious Skipper' will always be minuscule and I can't see it seriously impacting sales.

    On a separate issue: I do think the carbon fibre whippings look light and sleek on the fly rods and they say the method is twice as strong as nylon thread + epoxy. The saltwater models have rust-resistant rings.
    Now, I haven't swff'd but I have had to replace rusted rings on a spinning rod. I wondered how difficult it would be to remove and replace these rings if rusted or grooved by heavy use? And how could one replicate the original finish? One couldn't, so it would have to go back to Banana for repairs.
    Banana say,
    All the mechanical components of Banana Rods rods have a 10 year warranty. This also includes rod guides, rod blanks and reel seats, assuming normal usage and that they have not been subject to heavier loads than those recommended.
    Do others feel that's a competitive guarantee in today's market? It seems a little short and a tad limiting compared to other makers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ard View Post
    How bout 'Flying Pig Rods' or 'Moonshine Rods' there are probably more with strange names but those 2 come to mind as something most people don't recognize as fine tackle names....
    This is accurate. Is the Flying Pig fellow still a member of this Forum? He is a musician as well and has an interesting story about when pigs fly. Some time back I wrote an impression of his 8-weight rod which was actually pretty good. Banana Rods may be excellent as well. I'd even fish a White Label Orvis if there was one I really liked a lot. Performance first.

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    Default Re: Introducing BANANA RODS

    While I've never prescribed to the banana in the boat voodoo and I've brought a banana on a few capt's boats, when I knew them well, just to set the tone for the day. Don't know if I'd be in a big hurry to slip one in the pocket of a float tube though...

    If you followed any other member of this community through their daily lives for a week. I'm certain you'd witness any number of " to us " goofy rituals, activities, actions or see some personal items that have no practical or scientific point to them, yet we all have them in our lives.

    Ever see a MLB player hop over the chalk line on their way into or out of the dugout? Any of you have a lucky fishing cap, shirt, vest or an Old Billy Baroo?
    Billy Baroo.jpg

    If you believe that an item can carry good luck with it, then it's follows that there are those that carry bad mojo.

    By the way, the call went out across the land. Pitchers & Catchers report next week. Anybody else going to spring training?


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    I will be in Florida mid-March and just might head over to Port St. Lucie. I really have no superstitious behavior I'm aware of but spring training means fishing season isn't too far off. In fact, whatever fishing I might do down in the Sunshine State, I refer to as "Spring Training".

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