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    Default Re: Tick season is upon us !

    I’ve found it interesting how more than one person I’m acquainted with has gotten Lyme’s disease, but the medical professionals took seemingly forever to figure it out. Meanwhile, the disease went on unchecked wreaking havoc in the patients. Lyme’s disease has to be something on the medical community’s radar, but maybe it’s just hard to spot and diagnose?

    Thankfully, I live in an essentially tick free zone, which is a mystery in of itself. When I lived in Massachusetts, ticks were a big thing to watch out for and any walk in the woods especially in the spring led to several on your person. I was pretty good about getting the ticks off before they got attached.

    For 20 plus years, I was an urban pest control professional and used Permethrin for a variety of critters. As I remember all that, permethrin was a synthetic variant of pyrethrin, a natural insecticide found in Chrysanthemum plants. You wouldn’t want it to get into a watershed as most pesticides are quite toxic to fish and other invertebrates, but once it’s dry, it’s not likely to wash off your clothes in any significant amount.

    Permethrin is a lot less acutely toxic to humans by skin exposure or taken orally than caffeine for example. Caffeine serves the coffee plant in the same way pyrethrin serves the chrysanthemum, keeping deleterious bugs away. Nicotine is another flowering plant synthesized insecticide that works on the nervous system.

    But always follow label instructions. People mess up their pets, themselves, and others when they go off script regarding pesticides. I’ve witnessed that many times over the years. “If one is good, three is three times as good” is the mentality, but it doesn’t work that way.

    Always follow label instructions is the best bet on any insecticide. Can’t say it enough.
    Wherever you go, there you are.

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    Default Re: Tick season is upon us !

    If any of you saw the recent "Joni 75" concert tribute movie you saw what Lyme Disease did to Kris Kristofferson.
    For the longest time they thought he had Alzheimer's before realizing it was Lyme.
    They changed his treatment and he's better than he was, but there was no full recovery

    He's at the 9 minute mark
    Brave man

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    Default Re: Tick season is upon us !

    Quote Originally Posted by karstopo View Post
    I’ve found it interesting how more than one person I’m acquainted with has gotten Lyme’s disease, but the medical professionals took seemingly forever to figure it out. Meanwhile, the disease went on unchecked wreaking havoc in the patients. Lyme’s disease has to be something on the medical community’s radar, but maybe it’s just hard to spot and diagnose? ...
    I'm just a layman of course, but it isn't easy to diagnose. It would be nice if you could get a blood test or an x-ray and find it. Another problem is the most obvious symptom is joint pain. Unfortunately that is also a symptom of being 40+ years old, or maybe pouring cement of roofing houses for a living. In the case of my two friends they didn't go to the doc for months, then they were treated for old people stuff. Mild pain relievers etc. Well after a year or so, they are showing signs of neurological problems. Then the real medical testing started. They both had substantial recoveries, but some damage was done forever. One of them lives in the Northwoods of Minnesota. Literally in the woods where ticks are thick. That misdiagnosis for years seemed unexcusable to me.

    I believe that is what my friend who is in the IL State Senate is trying to fix. Raise awareness enough so patients are telling their doctors they are outdoors and at risk. Trying to make enough noise so doctors might test for it earlier? I don't know that they aren't already, but the very late diagnosis theme seems way too common. I think I'll go post his Facebook page now and ask for a few links. Put it back up on the top of his page again. I'll take the liberty of telling him the concerned fly fisherman of America support his efforts if that's OK. The reality is he is just a farmer and former military man with a lot of constituents that fish and hunt the upper Midwest. But I am thrilled he took up this cause.

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  6. Default Re: Tick season is upon us !

    There are tests for Lyme's disease. If you live in an area where Lyme's is prevalent your physician should be aware of symptoms, tests, treatment. The problem is you can be infected by a deer tick which are so small that they drop off without you knowing you were bit. The early symptoms of Lyme's can be similar to any flu-like virus so you don't go to the doctor until you don't get better or symptoms worsen. Then treatment with antibiotics may not be as effective. I have had both Lyme's and Ehrlichiosis and they are not fun. Best advice, use tick repellent and check for ticks after being outdoors in tick areas.

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    Default Re: Tick season is upon us !

    I’ve avoided lymes so far with my encounters with ticks. I see the issues friends deal with that have lymes and read these stories, and try my best at repelling and detecting ticks. I’ve cut back on certain activities because of trying to avoid them. Good luck and stay safe.

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    Default Re: Tick season is upon us !

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    Eastern CT is the epicenter of Lyme Disease and nearly everyone that I know has had it. Including my wife... twice
    Everyone that is except for me.
    And I had 5 attached ticks last year and 10 the year before
    I gotta figure that either I'm incredibly lucky, or I've built up some kind of immunity
    Seriously, I've only been in CT for 2 hours and I just plucked a tick off of my shirt. I haven't even wet a line yet. My streak of at least one tick every trip up here continues.

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    Default Re: Tick season is upon us !

    Haven't dealt with a tick since I began using Sawyer's permethrin/Picaridin sprays, or InsectShield picaridin-infused clothing. Not one in however many years I've been using the stuff. Just bought an InsectShield hat to round out the collection.
    "Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn." ~Chuck Clark

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    Default Re: Tick season is upon us !

    I decided to take my daughter to a private pond and catch a few bass and bluegills yesterday. Quite the memorable experience. I'd never been there before.....but the ponds are back in the back woods surrounded by fields. I saw a tick on me immediately after getting out of the truck, later that evening on my scalp and one in my daughter's bedroom on her stuffed chimpanzee. Never again........I've seen Lyme disease effect several close friends and relatives and it's no joke. I believe it's the #1 growing disease Y-O-Y for more than a decade in the US.

    This is why I wear waders when it's 100 deg outside. Wouldn't you know my first encounter with a tick was in Lyme County Connecticut on the Farmington 20 years ago. I was wet wading and soon discovered ticks and leechs. Nope........ not fun. Maybe I'm a puss.....but one without the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria floating around my bloodstream.

    Can't stop itching! Can you drown them with alcohol?

    “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”
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    Default Re: Tick season is upon us !


    yesterday afternoon we walk 5-6 miles with our Island dog beside us - yesterday evening we (my wife + me) removed with

    chirurgian gloves and Special inruments more tahn 150 ticks - only from the gras rand of the way!

    there were 2-3 different sorts meanwhile! very dangerous.

    be very careful and nice week.


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    Default Re: Tick season is upon us !

    Quote Originally Posted by ia_trouter View Post
    Somewhat on topic. A good old Army friend of mine won a seat in the Illinois State Senate. REP Danial Swanson. I thought he was nuts to run in Illinois due his party affiliation. To my surprise he has made Lyme's disease his life's mission. Awareness, prevention, treatment research etc. Making considerable noise and beginning to make some headway. Good to see IMO because it is an epidemic in the northern Midwest. MN and WI, and moving south.
    Well I don't expect anyone to actually watch this video because it's boring political stuff, but the governor of IL just passed my old Battalion Commander from 19 years agos legislation addressing proper medical care for tickborne illnesses. Private insurers can no longer cut off benefits after only 21 days here, which is grossly insufficient if you aren't diagnosed quickly. Antibiotics are expensive. Hopefully this will spread to other states. I got some friends that are really messed up from Lyme's disease because they didn't get proper care because insurance wasn't paying.

    I told you this was Dan's issue. He's all over it and he's not even a real outdoorsman now that his Army days are long over. Just an Illinois farmer and state Rep on a very good mission. I wish he would run for US Congress because the man will not sell out to anyone. I'll stop now because we can't do serious politics here.

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