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    I live about a mile upstream of the covered bridge over the Housatonic in West Cornwall, CT. NY is six miles and MA is 11. Tick season is year-round. They detach themselves from animals and hang out on tree branches, leaves, in brush piles, and on all sorts of hosts - not just deer. To beat the ticks down, I spray clothing like fishing shirts, fishing hats and pants with Sawyer Permethrin a couple of times a year. The bottle says that treatments are good for 7 washings - I respray after three. Instead of using Sawyer insect repellent, use Ben's which uses DEET instead of Permethrin in the Sawyer product. Treat your hands, ankles and around your waist. A good practice around here is to put your waders and wading boots on at home, in the driveway, on the porch or somewhere that ticks aren't. A bit of Ben's on your neck, ears and fishing hat goes a long way. ben's insect repell.JPG

    sawyer garmet.JPG

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    After several years of no ticks, I got a dose of erlichiosis earlier this summer.

    Why? Because I cut some long grass with a walk-behind mower and didn't take proper precautions.

    Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective) I am familiar with the symptoms so I got to the doc and the doxycycline a couple days later. And I asked for and received an extra five day's worth of the stuff to have on hand for those moments when I can't get to the doc.

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