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    My dollar will stay in my pocket.
    “I’m taking this role as a tremendous opportunity for not only myself, but for all of the brands within the new Pure Fishing,” said Murphy. “I call it the new Pure Fishing because of the positive changes they’ve been making as of late in reconfiguring the company and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team they’ve worked hard to create.”

    This is fishing tackle...flyrods and reels...not a cure for energy...not elimination of plastic seas...clean air no global warming...better mouse trap...

    I am a grumpy old consumer. I do not like marketing hype from any source. There's enough stuff...

    Best thing he ever did was using Fidel as the Red in Redington for the above statement is classic "white bread" corporate changing of the guard, marketing hype of the kind selling/distinguishing brown sugar water or soap flakes... corporate musical chairs...


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    Quote Originally Posted by bonefish41 View Post
    Best thing he ever did was using Fidel as the Red in Redington for the above statement is classic "white bread" corporate changing of the guard, marketing hype of the kind selling/distinguishing brown sugar water or soap flakes... corporate musical chairs...

    I'm fairly grumpy myself but live in a world where our little fly fishing operations survive by being privileged to have the resources of deep pocketed corporate entities funding them; not just Hardy now but Sage, Loomis, Scott, Orvis, etc.

    The Red in Redington comes from Florida custom rod builder Dave Redington and original Redington introduced the first ever Nano particulate resin rod, the Nti, built by New Zealand's Composite Developments, a Red Hart reel built by none other than the mad genius Ari't Hart and other innovations.

    I'm not an authority on the subject but I understand that when a person is fired by one company and then is hired by another with loftier responsibilities, he publicly says Thank You and we are going to do great things together. We fish rods and reels and I am not aware my selectins are based on anything marketers write about their products. I do like the phrase "new and improved" though and that is what I hope to see from Hardy.

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    SS: Yes but was not Murphy at Redington when Redington placed those Fidel ads in Flyfishing mags the"big red"..when I first saw the ads at fly shop in Indy ...they were hiding the mags for fear their traditional customers might turn them in ...and Yes I rolled a 9 wt Redington Nano NZ blank got it on close out from Angler Pro in Souderton PA owner snapped second section on a water haul...

    Winston "Jim has been a product and business developer in the fly market for over 25 years. He founded three brands: Redington, Albright and Douglas. He also served as President of Hardy North America. He brings an experienced perspective of the market and its future direction to his duties at Winston. Jim will be working on the sales programs in the export and southeastern US markets."

    Douglas "Jim Murphy, the founder of Redington and former president of Hardy North America has teamed up with Barclay family, owners of the Douglaston Salmon Run on New York's Salmon River, to bring a new name to the worlds of fly and spin fishing. The new company, called Douglas Outdoors, will debut their lineup of new fly rods, fly reels and spin rods at this years IFTD/ICAST show this July in Orlando, Florida."
    and then He hosted the Douglas booth at the recent ICAST show in Orlando and appeared very upbeat about the company’s direction and new products" ...and then "During his 25-year career in the tackle industry he has developed a reputation as a start-up specialist, having founded brands including Albright Tackle and the Redington Fly Rod Company. Angling International called Douglas Outdoors’ offices but was told Murphy was absent and the time of his return unknown. Jim Murphy was unavailable for comment."

    And..." Columbia, S.C. October 11, 2019 – Pure Fishing® named Jim Murphy the Director of Fly Fishing this week. With 30-plus years of experience, Murphy will be taking over Global Product Development, Global Marketing and North American Sales. The newly created role is expected to increase sales and production of Fly Fishing rods and reels within the Pure Fishing fly fishing brands, Hardy, Greys, Fenwick and Pflueger.
    Jim Murphy is no stranger to the fishing community. He has previously lead the Hardy North America team, is a former Vice President of Sales for R.L. Winston Rod Company, and is the founder of Redington."
    “I can’t think of anyone better suited to fill this role within the company,” said Jon Schlosser, Vice President of Marketing at Pure Fishing. “Jim brings a very strong development background that fits well with our agenda for driving innovation and technology into industry leading products.”

    It's just fly rods..."new and improved" reminds me of more chrome and bigger fins...distinction without material, significant difference on how we fish...and it's not limited to Pure..IMHO they all do it in their quest for a bigger piece of the pie

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    I don’t know Murphy and only bought my first Hardy rod this year. But criticizing him or the company for making positive and forward looking statements about his new position seems to be a little over the top.

    A new leader in a company that has seen recent ups and downs and uncertainty needs to do these sorts of things, if only to encourage current employees and customers. That’s true whether he or she is taking over a small store, a pickle canning company or a fishing tackle manufacturer.

    Sure, some will sneer at this type of “corporate talk” but that is part of the job. Personally I wish him well, if only so the warranty on my new rod is still worth something.

    Anyone who has ever taken over an existing business and wanted to move forward will know exactly what I am talking about. That’s just part of the job.


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    Exactly- what would you have them say? There's always a Willow switch if this stuff is just too much to stomach- Welcome to the real world.

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    Sorry guys I said I'm a grumpy old consumer ; however, I'm also a grumpy old corporate cynic who has for 45 years represented all levels of non-ownership employees in their relationships, both beginning and ending, with "the corporation." Most of my executive, employee clients were in sales management and manufacturing profit center plant managers. I admit to a bias against corporate speak. My posts were not appropriately drafted to reflect that bias. I'm never biased against the actual employee. Accordingly, I will, in the future, turn a blind eye to those corporate, informational type threads and just focus on real fishing old leopard just can't change his spots...

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    I am unfamiliar with the Fidel add campaign and Nti's where great casting rods but hardly rugged and also sensitive to minor diversions in temperature/time in the curing process. I busted a 12-weight Nano on its first big tarpon but landed a juvenile 35 pounder on the 9-weight no problem. And, yes, Murphy has held some positions that have not endured long-term...hopefully for him and Pure-Hardy, this one will be a successful match.

    bonefish, Despite the odd sounding Cuban communist adds, I'm confident Pure hopes new and innovative leadership in their fly fishing portfolio of Hardy, Greys/Fenwick (same rods different branding for Europe and America) and Pflueger will result in profits. Hardy has one of the few top-tier taper designers in the fly rod industry in Britain, Howard Crostin. It is my hope and expectation that the renewed synthases of the talents of these two men will yield some terrific rods and reels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    Murphy's appointment within Pure brings him full circle. As the former head of Hardy North America he knows the design team in Alnwick well and has worked with the S. Korean fabricator of rods and reels even before his time with Hardy. Murphy was largely responsible for the development of the Zenith and now we can anticipate more design/technology advancement is the near future.

    Perhaps this will be the best possible outcome for those of us who have enjoyed both classic and innovative-performance oriented Hardy products. Gone may be the elite individualizem of old Hardy Brothers as Hardy has and will likely continue to be a corporate component but also now the resources should be available that proved elusive for the independently owned old company.

    Congratulations, Jim.
    This will be interesting to watch. He left Hardy after the Pure acquisition, presumably over differences with the new ownership. That they have brought him back in an expanded role suggests that they now trust his judgment and he now trusts them to give him the authority he needs to be able to succeed. Collaboration with Howard Croston portends good things in developing rod offerings, which rely on remaining abreast of the properties of new materials and components as well as advanced manufacturing processes. I am curious to see what he manages to do with Hardy's heritage in reels, though. I wonder whether much of the Hardy institutional memory and engineering innovation remains, or whether they are just coasting on their past reputation. Of Pflueger (and of Fenwick), there is almost nothing left of the original enterprise except for brand recognition. Nevertheless, a respected brand can be a useful platform for introducing new products, provided that the new products reinforce rather than compromise the brand's previous reputation and market positioning.

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    During Murphy's previous tenure, he encouraged Hardy UK building of costly heritage reels with modern machining instead of previous castings. In his short foray with Douglas he got SKY off and running and developed the excellent US made Argus spring and pawl with a "three screw" cover plate and acoustical tuning. Arguably the best modern over-run check reel spanning trout to Spey sizes. His historic sensibilities are sound as well as his modernist introduction of Nano particulate resin systems. It is believed that Pure coveted Hardy at the outset for their exclusive rights to the 3M SINTREX technology which they could apply to other sporting good products in their portfolio. Murphy does like loose hands on the reins which he did not get in his last post but hopefully will in this great opportunity for him and the fly fishing world.

    David admiring Hardy's then new Fortuna while Jim is fascinated by David's rare Perfect Multiplier circa 2011.
    E11 003 Somerset Show s.jpg

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