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neversink 03-13-2011 03:41 AM

Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake
Hi All,

It's day 3 since big earth quake hit the entire Eastern region of Japan.
It hit the northern regions, trout land, the hardest.
Pacific states of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima are hit hard and
90% of casualties are coming in that area while earthquake killed
people in other regions nearby Tokyo as well.

I was having meeting in conference room in the first floor then
saw my office building dancing twist and shout. Took me 4 hours to
get back home with my family after leading small band on foot, because
all transportation and communication stopped.

It took me another day to reunite with my mom who got stack on the
other side of heaviest traffic of all time and we successfully contacted my
relatives living in northern region. We are all OK and consider ourselves lucky.

Now I'm doing my part to help rescue & recovery at least a tiny bit.
By doing so, I ask your to do us a favor.

DO NOT follow CNN who is pissing everyone off by sitting on top of
things speculating and causing little panic within English speaking community
in Japan. Especially so covering nuclear power plant case with old information and food supply in Tokyo with absolutely no facts. If you know someone in the station, please let them know that they need sensible approach or they will loose their credibility in this.

Please follow credible sources who actually send their people in
disaster area:

NHK Worldwide

Stars & Stripes (US troops allowing AP press to go with them)Stripes - Independent U.S. military news from Iraq, Afghanistan and bases worldwide

jpbfly 03-13-2011 04:05 AM

Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake
Glad you're all safe:)don't know how we can help...just let us know.

fredaevans 03-13-2011 05:33 AM

Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake

Originally Posted by jbbfly (Post 223683)
Glad you're all safe:)don't know how we can help...just let us know.

+1 on that! 0433 PDT here, and glad to see your still able to go on-line. Keep us posted ... you know the kind of 'coverage' we're getting on this side of the Pacific.

Fred Evans

driftaway 03-13-2011 06:27 AM

Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake
Glad you are Ok. CNN lost credibility with me awhile ago when they started to be a mouth piece for a political party here in the US. Same went for the other "news" station that is the mouth piece for the other party. I want real accurate news but unfortunately that is hard to find

neversink 03-13-2011 06:40 AM

Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake
Please follow credible source. Your troops bring Associated Press. NHK broadcasts with much openess.

50K Japanese troops, 2,500 policemen, 1,100 fire & rescue squads, 200 medical teams, and supply comboys are all arranged to save the distaster area. That combined with American troops and international teams saved 12,000 lives so far.

Please praise and support your troops for already doing good job.

American Seventh Fleet and team of nuclear scientists are here to help us
maintain Fukushima nuclear power plant issues. Plants is operated under
leading nuclear contractors who built it to the toughest standard possible
in the late 1960's. Reactors are covered with die-hard 2 layer metal shell that
stayed intact even after the concrete surrounding was blown off earlier (the
footage you may have seen). It's tough to the extereme sense and handled by top caring experts.

240km away and having high altitude mountains and wind not blowing southward at all time in between, we are safe in Tokyo. Radiation issue is still within the 10km radius of the plant. No spread of radioactive mateiral yet reported even by the closest monitor post north of the plant.

Media are asked to keep away from the plant for good enough reasons. Safety and Security of nation.

Helicopters hovering on top of survivors without helping them are annoyment to resuce and survivors. Since no shipment can be delivered from sea or ground, air is the only way to carry people or supply in and out. Can't over
populate the sky.

Eariler, air bases with broken F16 were made public and broadcasted, so
we had to publicize this air bases are not operational. That is a security breech when Russia has strong territorial ambition near this area.

Russia attempted to "help" with their experts to our nuclear plant with only one thing in mind. Learn the damage and take case study home. We kindly do not reply to that when we already have trusting American friends.

So please understand that there is good reason why priorities are set the way it is. Please follow credible source for we want to save more lives than spreading wrong information that cause panic.

fyshstykr 03-13-2011 10:41 AM

Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake
:)Good to hear from you, we were hoping you and your family were ok. Wishing you and all your fellow countrymen the best. Be safe out there.

Guest1 03-13-2011 12:50 PM

Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake
Trust me, I never watch CNN (the Comunist News Network). Glad to hear the Navy is there helping. Our Navy has a lot of real good guys trained in nuclear reactors. I have been listening to the news and most of what I'm hearing about the reactors there is nonsense. And it's not just CNN guilty of that one. Good luck and stay safe.

mcnerney 03-13-2011 01:05 PM

Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake
I feel the same as Diver Dan I never watch CNN!

NeversinK: Thanks for posting, I'm sure this forum is low on your priorities right now but a lot of us were worried about you and your family! Good to hear you guys are doing ok!


fredaevans 03-14-2011 04:55 AM

Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake
You don't understand the word "Distruction" until you see these before/after pictures from Japan. Move your mouse pointer from right to left to see the 'before to after.'

All I could say as I went through these was "Sweet Jesus!":eek:

ABC News - Japan Earthquake: before and after

Pocono 03-14-2011 05:14 AM

Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake

It's good to know that you and your family are safe and sound!

It will take some time for your country to rebuild itself after this quake, but it's good to know that so many people are helping with the recovery and with the protection of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Was Shalom's Forest in the area where the quake hit in the North? I hope not, becuase some of those dams were very old!

Take care and stay in touch with all of us! And, as several have already said, if there's anything that you need, then just let us know.



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