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Editor 05-31-2011 04:41 AM

Canada loses moral high ground on salmon conservation
Canada has lost the moral high ground when it comes to salmon conservation by continuing to allow the killing of too many adult salmon in its own waters, the head of the Atlantic Salmon Federation says.

Salmon scientists from around the world have urged countries like Canada and Greenland to stop slaughtering large salmon, ASF president Bill Taylor says, "yet it's been escalating year after year."

Large salmon are those that return to their natal rivers year after year to spawn and thus are the key to the species' future. Canada has taken a lead role over the past decades in urging other countries to shut down or temper commercial salmon fisheries, which those countries have generally done. Now fishermen in those countries are pointing their fingers back at Canada's paying lip service to the issue of salmon conservation, in particular large salmon.

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sixweight 05-31-2011 07:46 PM

Re: Canada loses moral high ground on salmon conservation
The west coast salmon are also in serious decline for the same reason. The worst part is that the commercial fishery generates almost no revenue for the local economies. The fishermen spend most of the year on the dole which is a drain on the local economy, not a benefit. The recreational fishery has a far greater impact on the economy and, in turn, generally ends up protecting the salmon stocks. As a Canadian, I have to hang my head low.

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