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klunker 03-31-2013 07:21 PM

Eastern CottonTails becoming extinct?
Conservationists seek to save 'Peter Cottontail' from extinction | Fox News

Are these people serious?
Another example of the incompetency of US Fish and Wildlife.
I understand their Population is in decline, but in the natural world various wildlife populations are always changing. They are never static. Allow the forest to mature and Fishers and Martens population will increase, cut down the forest and rabbits, grouse and deer will thrive.
Rabbits will be the one of the last critters to go extinct, every town has tons of them running loose in the perpetual open/brush/semi forested land that is urban/suburban landscape.

This is the key paragraph to me.

"Conservationists hope habitat management and captive breeding will prevent the species' decline, which would require a more costly response and restrictions on land use and hunting."

These people give "conservationist" a bad name, in the end again its all about control of you and your property and the elimination of hunting under the guise of "wildlife conservation".

Aldo Leopold is spinning over in his grave.

gt05254 03-31-2013 07:42 PM

Re: Eastern CottonTails becoming extinct?
They did not say "Eastern" cotton tails. They said "New England" cottontails. What you're missing here is that there is a difference between the native New England cottontail and the very common (and not native to the historic range of the NE cottontail) eastern cottontail.

edit: and I'll stay out of the political debates and whether or not Aldo is spinning. This thread has great potential to become quite a flamer. I am merely pointing out the difference, which all the national news networks that I watched failed to do, that they were not (whether THEY knew it or not) talking about the eastern cottontail, which lurks near every garden in the east. I'm not even interested in debating whether or not we should allow a species to go extinct for the sake of any given special interest group.

But I will say flatly that the friends and acquaintances that I've made over the years that work for the USF&WS are not incompetent.

Ard 03-31-2013 09:37 PM

Re: Eastern CottonTails becoming extinct?
And I believe Gary will have the final word on this thread, he makes valid and logical points. I'll quietly slip the padlock over this and we'll move on ;)

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