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Thread: eldred presrve

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    great upstate trout ponds 12 bucks for catch and release pond[IMG]file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Owner/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/Eldred%20Preserve%208.2009/Eldred%20Preserve%208.2009%20012.jpg[/IMG]file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Owner/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/Eldred%20Preserve%208.2009/Eldred%20Preserve%208.2009%20017.jpg

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    Hi pronovice,

    I see in your post you tried to post a picture and it didn't come out. Can I help you?


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    ill try faq

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    [url]] some good pictures
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    Quote Originally Posted by pronovice View Post
    great upstate trout ponds 12 bucks for catch and release pond
    The last time I was at the Eldred Preserve fishing, I was around 14/15'or so, 42'ish now. The pay for ponds were around $3.50per lb. I don't want to know what the going rate is now. :-)

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