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  1. Default A good wading stream in NH/MA

    Okay, I just decided to pick up fly fishing since dropping it when I entered the service. Anyways, I have never done any stream wading. I was wondering does anyone know of any good streams/rivers that I can wade into and take some trout at this time in April? Specifically in eastern ma/ NH area. The only thing I caught fly fishing as a kid was sunfish. I am eager to catch a trout.

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    Default Re: A good wading stream in NH/MA

    I think that you haven't gotten any responses to your question because there's really not a good answer. Good trout streams in eastern Mass and southeastern NH are few and far between. Once you get out aways into western Mass and the lakes and mountains of NH there's more opportunity.

    There are exceptions. Here's the local intel
    Squan-a-Tissit Trout Unlimited Chapter
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    It's technically challenging to fish, due to clear water and primarily small bugs, but the swift river in MA (the Catch and release area in Belchertown) is the easiest wading of any river I've ever fished. It's mostly pea size stone and sand, with a few gravely areas or spots with some basketball size rocks. but overall, it's sandy and smooth walking - plus gin clear.

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    The swift river does have alot of nice trout but if you are new to the sport i would tell you to stay clear. The river has no character and the fishing is to technical. I would say maybe the Quinnie or even the Ware which starts in Rutland and goes into Palmer, both these rivers have nice hatches and are easy to wade.

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