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jimy286 01-14-2010 05:51 PM

Winter Fishing NE
Hi there

I just joined this group and was wondering if anyone is doing any winter fly fishing? I am Based in NYC

I am a very experienced angler but I am new to the USA. I am from the UK and our rivers are a bit different. I have never fished for steel head but have researched it online and am already hooked!!!! I am desperate to get out though would really appreciate a buddy to point me in the rite direction.

Also up for any other winter fishing have all the gear.

Never tried Ice fishing either.

HuronRiverDan 01-15-2010 10:21 AM

Re: Winter Fishing NE
Welcome to the Forum, and Welcome to the USA...


peregrines 01-15-2010 10:53 AM

Re: Winter Fishing NE
In the winter, other than steelhead (Salmon River area north of Syracuse, and streams in western NY and PA) most of the fly fishing is heavily weather dependent or localized (power plant outflows in some saltwater spots etc).

Most of the trout fishing won’t really get underway in earnest until the water temps start hitting 50 degrees and the spring hatches start in early/mid April. But there are some year round trout fisheries that can be quite good as they are tail waters so water temps stay consistent:

NY East Branch of the Croton River, about 1 hour from NYC

And in CT there’s the West Branch of the Farmington but it’s more of a “schlep” (just testing your NYC vocabulary)

A good source of info for you is Urban Angler, a fly shop on 206 Fifth Avenue (between 25-26th Streets) 3rd floor Urban Angler Fly Shop | New York City | Arlington Virginia | Washington DC

There are also some fly fishing clubs in NYC. It’s a great way to break into the NYC fly fishing “scene”, meet some new fishing buddies and learn some new water.

Theodore Gordon FlyFishers with Tuesday lunches, conservation activities, group events TGF

NYC Chapter Trout Unlimited NYCTU Home as well as other chapters in the greater NYC area (NY, NJ, CT)

A very helpful book is Eric Newman’s Fly fisher’s Guide to New York for a good description of waters within striking distance of NYC including the Catskills, downstate NY streams like the Croton, CT streams like the Farmington and Housatanic, and streams in NJ, LI and some mention of shore based saltwater opportunities.

And coming up January 22-24 there’s the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset NJ, which is a pretty big deal and is definitely worth a trip. Fly Fishing Show-Somerset, NJ

Inshore saltwater fishing near NYC can be excellent for striped bass and bluefish (Late April through Nov) and a brief window in the fall for false albacore and bonito. Having access to a boat increases your chances exponentially, but there’s still some great fishing to be had from shore if you put the time in at places like Sandy Hook NJ, South and North Shore beaches of Long Island, and Eastern Long Island (Montauk).

There's a ton of great fishing if you have wheels and can get to it, but the majority will be weekend (or long weekend) type trips as opposed to day trips. Other than a steelhead trip or two (be ready for severe weather and/or fishing next to your 10,000 closest friends), and maybe an exploratory trip or two to check out the Croton if you get some good weather, now is the time for tying. Google up some hatch charts for the Delaware to get a sense of the critters and timing. Hatch times might vary a bit (a week or two earlier for PA streams, two- three weeks later for Adirondacks and New England streams) but will be the same hatches for the most part.

Hope this helps, keep asking questions and welcome to the forum--- and to the US.

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