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    Hello. I am new here and am from upstate NY The Ashokan Reservoir is 1500 ft from my house and I can get to the upper Esopus in under 10 mins. Plus I have quite a few secret trout streams that have some monsters in them. I am used to catching these big guys with lures and live bait. I just started fly fishing last year because to be honest the rhythm of a fly fisher looks almost magical. It is way more of a challenge and is a lot more fun. I have 3 trout under my belt so far all of which where no bigger that 4-5 inches in length and tiny in size. But it is still fun to catch. I know the monsters are in the spots where I am its just I suck at fly fishing so they know its me and don't bite. But that's OK I have fun trying. Anyhow just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. If anyone else if from this area PM me maybe we can fish together.., Also does anyone know when to start fly fishing around here? Mid April? Or now?

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    Greetings from PA, funforfree!! This is a great place for information and will have your chops up to par in no time.

    You can technically fly fish all year round, but around here I can't fish now on "Trout Approved Waters" do to the season's opening day in 2 weeks. But on other waters I can. I know around here the best flys are scuds and worms and possibly some stoneflys. Wolly bugger is also a good year round pattern.

    Again, welcome!


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    Welcome to the Forum...I'd check with your local fly shops for the info you're looking for...Have fun with your fishing, and remember practice, practice, practice...


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    Welcome and go often, the more your out and learn the closer you come to that big one wth a flyrod

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    Hey welcome to the forum--- it sounds like you have a head start on a lot of folks that take up fly fishing without having any experience fishing with other gear.--- so you know where they live, and where to look for them.

    Early in the season when water is high in streams--- and in large bodies of water like Ashoken, you might try some big meaty streamers and perhaps a sink tip fly line, especially if you're fishing in the reservoir--- it just might get slammed by something.

    Local fly shops are great sources of info, and you can jump start your fly fishing career a good bit by hooking up with a local chapter of a group like Trout Unlimited--- most chapters have informative monthly meetings, formal or informal trips to local waters, casting and tying clinics, and it's a great way to meet up with some new fishing buddies. You can do a search to find a local chapter near you here Council-Chapter Search | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries

    And the NY DEC website has a lot of info on special water that is open all year, general regs, DEC Access sites on different streams.

    And there's a lot of good info on a local guide's site named Jerry Hayden for you to check out, including links to a Delaware River hatch chart and some basic info on some of the bugs.
    Wild Trout, Delaware River Fly Fishing Guide Jerry Hadden

    The info for the Delaware on Jerry's site will also apply to the Esopus. Most dry fly activity doesn't really start until mid April, and streams will probably be roaring for awhile with all the water we've had. And the first at least semi-reliable hatches start in April for the most part anyway:

    Blue Wing Olives size 18-20, this is a big deal hatch that lasts a long time, and also many different species can be matched by Blue Wing Olives. A must have in your box all season.

    Blue Quill size 18 often hit or miss, often lasts only a week or two in most locations, usually starts when water temps hit 50 degrees

    Quill Gordon size 12 and 14 often hit or miss and often only lasts a week or two in most locations.

    Hendrickson (females) and Red Quills (males) size 14-16 a big deal hatch, long lasting over several weeks most years from mid April well into May, and very prolific on many Catskill streams

    Using the general hatch chart for the Delaware and some help from a local shop (or your new TU buddies) you can zero in on the other important hatches on the Esopus (like the Isonychia and many stoneflies). With a little research you can also learn where to look for them in the stream (fast water or slow, gravel or mud bottom etc) time of day the hatches tend to occur, and the most productive patterns and ways to fish different stages of the hatch. (there are a number of online resources for this, as well as a ton of books depending on how nuts you want to get with this, but advice from local experts is often your best bet.)

    And the folks here are a friendly bunch so keep asking questions here, I'm sure you'll get a ton of advice, and there's a lot of info in old threads and in the FAQ section.

    Good luck!

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    to the forum!:

    Most of us started out with bait and hook and then did what your doing and made the switch. The old adage:"Bowhunting's for folks that dont like to kill deer and fly fishing's for folks that dont like to catch fish"; is only a temporary thing when your starting out.

    Once you get the hang of it (bowhunting too); its a lot of fun and you wont regret taking up as a sport.

    Using the bowhunting analogy again- when your fly fishing you'll need to approach the same sport -those monster trout; like moster deer- you've easilly caught with bait or 'shot with gun'; with a bit more stealth and change your approach - even too the very stream your fishing.

    Dont get backlit, wear natural colors, and be aware of your wake as it alerts fish when entering and wading a stream.

    Your fly rod is essentially the bow and your line and fly are the arrow and that was officially the lamest abuse of an anology I've ever attempted and I need to stop now...sorry.


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    Welcome to the forum, looking forward to your posts and hearing about your fishing reports. Don't be afraid to ask questions, we have some great folks on this forum that are more than willing to help you learn the great sport of fly fishing.


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    Newbie.....You are lucky to live so close to the Esopus. I fished it quite a few times last year. Wild rainbows and reservoir browns - you can't go wrong - not to mention how beautiful the scenery can be. I think its a great stream for a beginner because the smaller bows are not that selective. Get some generic dryflies like Elk Hair Caddis and Parachute Adams and you can catch them even when nothing specific is hatching. In terms of nymphs....Gold ribbed Hares ears, Pheasant Tails and Prince nymphs will do the trick. The previous post listed some good hatch info. You should check out the website "Catskill Flies"...they give daily reports on all the catskill stream conditions and also have a board like this where alot of guys post about the Esopus in particular. Good Luck....once you start this sport you will never look back.

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    funforfree. You found the good spot to talk fly fishing. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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