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Thread: Amherst, MA

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    Hello -
    I've taken many years away from the waters and hoping to start dipping my line again this spring.

    Can someone recommend a good fly shop near Amherst, MA? I can't seem to find one close by so perhaps info on the nearest one would be fine.

    Also, are there any good groups/clubs in this area that I can get involved with? Anyone out there looking for an occasional partner?


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    now i can't vouch for either of these shops as i have not been back to your area since i graduated from umass in 92.. however there are 2 shops if found listed..

    sugarloaf tackle company fly shop
    hager cross rd
    south deerfield ma 800) 273-3474

    then there is

    r and r sport shop
    in belchertown
    16 federal st..

    i think they cover all fishing and hunting

    who knows there might be a small shop hiding in your area that is
    strictly fly only .. if you find one blast me off a note so i know for future reference..


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    There's a good Orvis store in Wilmington, Vt. go there and hit the Deerfield or Green on the way back. The store is only an hour or so away from you

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    Jeff welcome to the board. Joining a club is a great way to jump start your fly fishing career. Both Trout Unlimited (TU) and the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) have local chapters (TU) and affiliated clubs (FFF) that have informative meetings, group trips to local waters, casting and tying clinics etc, and you're sure to meet a few new fishing buddies.

    Here's search pages for both to see if there's something near you:

    TU Council-Chapter Search | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries

    FFF Locate a Club

    A good local shop is like a gold mine, in terms of knowledgeable service, tips and techniques local intel on area waters. But they're disappearing as more of the industry is taken over by big box stores and internet based shops. Hopefully you'll find one near you (look in the news letters of local TU Chapters for some leads).

    Good luck and keep asking questions-- folks here are great about helping others get started.

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    Some great info.
    Thanks everyone.

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