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Thread: Got this guy.

  1. Default Got this guy.

    Ill start by saying I didnt get him on a fly. I got him on a shiner. Got him at 1PM in the Ashokan Resivoir. I am very excited. BBQ'd him as soon as I got him home and man let me tell you he was GOOD.. Just wanted to share my excitment. Still nothing on the fly but I am trying..

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    Default Re: Got this guy.

    That is indeed a very nice trout! Congrats!
    Keep at it with the fly rod, before long you will get the hang of it and be catching fish.


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    Default Re: Got this guy.

    Hi funforfree33,

    Maybe we can help you catch a fish on your fly rod. You are fishing a reservoir and that takes some special techniques. What methods have you tried. Are you using a boat?


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