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    Question Any one fly fish the finger lakes?

    Hey there guys. And gals. My inlaws live about fifteen minutes from Keuka lake and whenever we visit we often go out on the lake to fish for laker trout. However, from what I understand, there is quite a large population of large brown trout there. I was just curious if anyone had ever tried taking these on the fly out of the lake. What you used, time of year, time of day, etc......
    Anything will help.

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    Default Re: Any one fly fish the finger lakes?

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    Default Re: Any one fly fish the finger lakes?

    I used to fish Seneca for landlock salmon using smelt patterns. The Rainbow run at Catherin's Creek (Montour Falls) was interesting but crowded. I managed some nice browns every fall at the mouth of Dresden Creek (Seneca) also. Had I not moved away I would have explored the tributary streams to Keuka Lake and Cayuga by now. Just the fact that they are full of landlock salmon tells me that by late September there will be runs in the tribs.

    Good luck,


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    Default Re: Any one fly fish the finger lakes?

    I fish Keuka lake every august. I have never fished for trout there but the bass fishing is amazing. I will catch around 60 smallies and rockbass a day. You don't get to many big ones unless you fish early in the morning or rite before dark. You could probably catch bigger fish in those hot after noons if you bust out your sinking line and fish those deep dropoffs.

    As for trout the only thing I can tell you is that they do catch a lot of fish. Never heard of anyone fly-fishing for them.

    I stay in the hamonsport motel and and there is a big man made drainage type thing that flows a small creek into a pool if you will, before entering the main lake. I caught a small trout in there on the fly rod. Not sure what species it was, maybe lake trout, but it deffinatly was cool.

    I would deffinatly suggest giving the bass fishing a try. A size 4-10 white wooly bugger will be the ticket. Even if its not on the fly, you will catch tons of fish on a small rubber worm.


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    If anyone has information about brown trout on the fly in that lake I would also like to know as I am very curious.

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    Default Re: Any one fly fish the finger lakes?

    If you are going out in a boat then try trolling flies on sinking lines. other wise fishing streamers are always good to use.
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