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    Default Swift and Millers

    Hey guys Im planning a trip to one of these two rivers next Sunday. I've never fished either of them but I'm leaning towards the Swift. I'm from Holden do I normally fish the Quinnie, but trying some bigger water. I'm going to Belchertown or Templeton, just looking for some tips that will help me out on this water or maybe even someone to show me around.

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    Hey man, i got your PM. I don't have the full membership thing so it won't let me send one back. But I definitely wouldn't mind someone to hit up the quinine with, or any other river. I actually fished the millers for my first time last week, that river is a thing of beauty. I was at Wendell depot, and if you were to go to the millers, I would suggest either there or bears den. The swift is also a great place for trout. I've been there quite a bit, and as long as the water isn't too low, the fish are plentiful, getting them on the line is another story however. Being ff only and chuck full of holdovers, the fish are very picky but also very big. It's hard to choose between the two. I'd give you my email address on this thread but I know I'll have 200 spam messages by midnight so we can coordinate over this forum for now.

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    Hey there. I have not hit the swift C & R / FF only area since March. There were fish then, but fewer than many years that late in the winter. There was a heck of an ice shield, that could have been the factor... But you could still do well.

    Most guys end up going really small and midge focused on there. I've found small red or olive and red midge variations (18-24 - I dont like to go smaller becuase I can't see it, but I know guys who fish 26's and 28's on there) work great there.

    That said, the past two years, my favorite flies there were a size 14 yellow McPhail bug (you tube this name if you are not familiar) and a size 12-8 hopper/cherynobyl ant.

    I've heard it's getting better, but April sounded slow, and it did not get stocked until almost May, so most everything to that point was hold over...

    The millers has been solid. Slower than earlier in May, but good. I had a cool Hex hatch going there saturday PM which was awesome. Size 10-14 light colored Wet's have been working well, and I've caught several on a orange butt black bead head pheasant tail nymph as well as a butt ugly size 10 or 8 hopper I use primarily as a strike indicator this time of year.

    That's a fun river to fish, just make sure you have a wading staff, it's got holes, lots of rock and tanic water so it's not the easiest place to wade.

    Just realized you posted this last week, I hope you made out well!

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