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  1. Question Fly Fishing in NH in early/mid July

    Greetings all!

    We have a camping trip where we will be headed up to the Whites in mid-July.

    What kind of fishing conditions should we expect? Will the water be too low to fish? Too warm?

    Looking for some nice brookies or rainbows. We'll be likely staying in a campground on the Kanc. What rivers/streams should we look to?

    Thanks in advance! I'm still pretty new to the sport, any and all advice would be most appreciated!


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    Default Re: Fly Fishing in NH in early/mid July

    With the recent rain, conditions should be pretty good .
    Mountain streams are fairly sterile as to insect life and as such the Whites are not known as a fishing destination, but you still should find some good action for brookies along the Kanc.
    Up in the Pemi wilderness on the East Branch would be my first choice if you're into a hike. But you'll also find fish downstream and rainbows in the main stem.
    On the eastern side of the Kanc, I've personally never done all that well in the Swift, but there's a second Swift River in the Tamworth area that's good.
    People also like the Saco near Glen/Jackson
    If you're into a drive, try the Androscoggin below Umbagog Lake for trout or below Gorham for smallmouth
    There's some good mountain pond fishing also. If you're interested, PM me and I'll point you in the right direction.
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    Default Re: Fly Fishing in NH in early/mid July

    I disagree that the mtn streams have little insect life, and the Whites provide plenty of fishing action! The season here is closed now but if you're coming back next summer sirk98 consider a guide who can show you some great water. Reel North LLC - or the North Country Angler provide great service in that area. Hope you had some luck while you were here.

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