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Pocono 08-08-2011 03:00 PM

Blown Out - But Fishing Well
When I was home last week, I only had 3 days to fish; which generally means that I'm going to fish every day come hell of high water.

Well, high water came. It poured all night on Friday and when I got up the size of the puddles had me thinking about run-off from the headwaters of the creeks that I wanted to fish that day; the Broadhead and Mud Run.

I stopped in at my local Fly Shop again; just to see what they had to say and to pick up any pointers that they were giving out for these conditions.

"it's all blown'll probably take until at least Monday to get back to normal water flows........maybe this is a good day to work on the honey-do list....etc."

Well, I didn't have until Monday, so I decided to give it a try with my old trusty brown-water flies. I stocked up on big, bright Stimulators and the largest Chernobyl Ants that I could find in the shop. $12.00 later, I was out the door an on my way to Mud Run.

I've always had good luck in run-off water with these patterns. My thinking has been the fish are always hungry, but that they can't as well in the run-off, so you need to get something big and bright in front of them. Stimi's and C-Ants fit right into that category, if you want to fish on the surface, which is always my favorite kind of trout fishing. The visible take on the top just gives me a jolt that the underwater take doesn't.

Well, a big C-Ant with a hairy tan underbody, a couple of casts at the tail of a nice run and it was fish on! I landed half a dozen trout in 30 minutes, including a trio of net-busters and a couple of smaller members. And I hooked more than I landed.

Then I decided to cross the stream where it went around a small island and move to another pool where I've hooked big fish before. With the run-off water, the crossing was, shall we say, interesting.... :rolleyes:

Well, I got to the second pool, cast out and, bang, another one. But, he broke me off and took my fly in the process. No problem - right? Wrong. I reached for my big C-Ants and realized that I'd left them in the car. I had a couple of smaller C-Ants with me and tied one on. Not a single bite in 20 minutes.

So, it was back across the creek, back to the car, grab the big C-Ants, re-cross and head for that pool again. And - it was fish on, again. One right after another. And these were pressured, educated fish.

So, I'll take the blown-out stream; any day, as long as I have a couple of good sized C-Ants and some bright Stimi's with me.


jpbfly 08-08-2011 03:14 PM

Re: Blown Out - But Fishing Well
Congrats Allan:bowdown:I once had to pay a bottle of Champagne betting I could catch trout on dry in muddy waters:o:o:Dwill never make such a silly bet again!!!:o:D

Ard 08-08-2011 05:00 PM

Re: Blown Out - But Fishing Well

You did well, I'm home right now because of high flows. It has been raining for 6.5 days. Not a downpour but steady and my destination river is no doubt high and turbid. I am looking to tomorrow depending on what happens up the valley. You gotta remember that the 'valley' is about the size of Vermont so keeping tabs on where it's raining is hard to do.

Pocono 08-09-2011 06:17 AM

Re: Blown Out - But Fishing Well

At least up here in the Poconos, fishing a big, bright topwater fly in fast-flow, muddy conditions seems to be the ticket; if you want to fish dries.

Have you tried a bright fly, like your Skykomish Sunrise, in fast flows? I'd be surprised if you couldn't stimulate some takes on a fly like that(?)


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