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    Default Calf Pasture beach,Norwalk

    I live pretty close to this beach and was wondering if there is any fly fishing to be done there?

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    Default Re: Calf Pasture beach,Norwalk

    I don't know that beach specifically, but I'm assuming that it's on Long Island Sound?

    If so, that should be striped bass and bluefish territory. I'm on the other (LI) side. Hopefully other folks that know the area will jump in here.

    But in the meantime, you might want to do a couple of things:

    -poke around to see if guys are casting plugs from shore there and/or bait fishing with stuff like bunker (menhaden) chunks for bass (as opposed to sandworms for flounder and sea bass or crabs for blackfish).

    -check with local weekly fishing rags like "Noreast" and "New England/Long Island Fisherman" to see if there are any reports of fish being caught there or nearby. Normally "report chasing" is a waste of time, but you're just trying to get a sense of the lay of the land here.

    -check with local bait and tackle shops to find out about places where there might be some places to fish with easy access. Places where other folks might throw bombers or red fins on a spinning rod would be perfect. They would also probably be able to tell which parking permits might be worth getting (if any) for night parking etc.

    - if there are any fly shops in the area they might have some pointers, and even more important, they might be able to point you to any area SW FF clubs (but even freshwater groups like a local TU Chapter will have members that SWFF). Most have group outings to local waters and you'll meet a few new fishing buddies. It's a great way to learn a ton quickly and shave years off the learning curve.

    -buy a ninja suit Once you have a general idea of the more popular places to fish where other folks cast plugs or fish bait, you'll have a sense of what to look for. Do some scouting using google earth, or if you want to go analog and kick it old school get a set of Delorme maps and do some scouting for places to access. Many places, especially rocky points, flats near deep water, river/inlet mouths, outflows from tidal ponds and creeks etc can be terrific spots. Also, some of the best places might be packed with crowds during the day like bathing beaches, jetties near channels that have lots of boat traffic etc, but clear out at night. Although it can happen anytime, periods of low light dawn, dusk and black of night tend to be best especially during summer. Fish will often cruise into the shallows at night to feed. Finding places on your own, and fishing them all to your self adds to the sense of accomplishment once you start to catch.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Calf Pasture beach,Norwalk

    Cool.Thanks for the advice. I am close to Fishermans world. Will give them a try.I find though that often the shops just make you feel like an annoyance. Hopefully they aren't like that.

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    i don't fish the salt much, but a buddy of mine took me to a spot by longshore in westport. just west of splash restaurant is a parking lot right next to the water - you can see it on google maps. we got into some blues and stripers pretty quickly there from the shore using clousers.

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    Default Re: Calf Pasture beach,Norwalk

    Thanks rkohl1956. Will check it out. Was this recently? What tide and time?

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    Hi.. My first post here... I live in Norwalk. This is a great spot for this area. Snappers bite like crazy... Summer flounders... blues.... Nice place.

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    Default Re: Calf Pasture beach,Norwalk

    Hey Boosky, welcome to the forum-- make yourself at home.

    I'm across the sound from you guys (on Long Island)--- and chase some of the same stuff.

    Hopefully this fall will be a good one.

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    Thanks peregrines

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    There is a great cable fly fishing show " On the Water" that will help you immensely. These guys do a great job teaching people. They fish the east coast of New England.

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