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Thread: RI has banned felt boot waders

  1. Default RI has banned felt boot waders

    I purchased a pair of felt boot waders from Orvis. A very nice item. Sorry to say, they've washed their hands of them now that they are illegal. LL Bean is replacing felt sole with lug sole for people in this situation. I should have saved some cash and bought from LL Bean. They back their items. I just want to give you folks a heads up. Nice waders aren't cheap. I'm sure you can guess who I won't be buying from in the future. Darn shame. They are a nice product.

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    Default Re: RI has banned felt boot waders

    You can always buy stocking foot waders and buy the boots separately. That allows you to adapt to the surroundings or fishing environment. Just a thought.

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    Default Re: RI has banned felt boot waders

    Beans has always gone "far and beyond" to stand behind it's products
    No other outdoor retail company comes close. Not Orvis or anyone else.

    As for Rhode Island, they're trying to protect the Wood River watershed, which is worthwhile but forcing casual trout fishermen to buy expensive new boots isn't going to help sell a lot of fishing licenses.
    When I lived in RI (7 years) I had a few trout streams that fished, but there were many more here in CT that I like better. It got to the point were I only bought a CT license and quit fishing trout in RI all together.
    Not saying you should do that, but it's something to think about.
    I was told by a state biologist that CT has no plans to ever ban felt.

    Welcome to the forum, by the way
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