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cockatouche 05-01-2012 02:16 PM

Another Mainer
Another new guy from Maine (south central).
I'm mostly a wader (rivers/brooks) but, am just getting into kayak fishing with the help of "Northeast Kayak Anglers".
Swore off hard tackle about 7yrs. ago. It was extremely hard to give up the "go to" but I'm glad I did.
I enjoy fishing for anything; the exception being fish in privately stocked ponds.
I would suggest to anyone "from away" to visit Maine for all the fishing opportunities available for all budgets.
I am around the "Sebago" region so, if anyone is coming my way, I would be more than happy to help.


mcnerney 05-01-2012 02:28 PM

Re: Another Mainer
cockatouche: Welcome to the forum! I'm looking forward to reading about your fly fishing adventures. Post some photos of you Yak when you get a chance, we have a number of members that are Yak fisherman.

cockatouche 05-01-2012 02:57 PM

Re: Another Mainer
This is what I am starting with. It is a Tarpon 130T I bought at a yard sale for 35.00. It had a crack which has been repaired, and was missing 1 seat for which I have a replacement. As soon as it stops raining, I'll be on the cleaning and adapting a trailer to fit the yak.

Rip Tide 05-01-2012 05:38 PM

Re: Another Mainer
Wow, 35 bucks ! What a steal !
My kayak has a worn out skeg that needs some patching once in a while. It's not a bid deal, but the plastic doesn't hold a patch forever. What it really needs is a "weld"

My buddy and I headed up to Rangely for a week in a month or so. I haven't been in Maine just to fish in a long time. I'll wave on the way by :D

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