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    That's got to be Bill. Nice guy who really knows his stuff. I see him there all the time and he is almost always catching fish. I learned allot about how to fish the swift from talking to him and watching what he does.

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    Yup that's him same here I must of castes every fly I had with no takers talked to him and went to the tackle shop in town. Got some new flies and caught fish all day. Most guys I've met in the swift don't share info. What a good guy. I was going once a week in march and saw him everyday I was there!!! Actually thinking about going again soon how's the fishing in August???

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    The fishing has been good so far this August. The water is nice and cool and there are still plenty of fish around. It's been a while since the last stocking so the fish that are still there are getting tougher to catch. Also it's been pretty busy so some runs have seen allot of pressure.

    I've been having to look around more for fish that are willing to bite. Allot of them are hanging around in tough to get to places. With all the downed tree's from the storm there are more places for them to seek cover.

    I've also needed a perfect drift to get any bites. Some will follow the fly for a while or nub it 2 or 3 times before biting. Any drag at all and I get refusals.

    Overall it has been fun fishing. Challenging, but not too difficult.

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    Thats what I like about the river the fish are picky and u have to really outsmart them. We mite do an overbite there this weekend a Friday day and Saturday morning. Are there campsites near the Y pool???

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    There's no camping near the Y pool or any of the upper portion of the river since it's on Quabbin Reservoir land. There's probably camping available in the surrounding towns of Belchertown or Ware though.

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    What about motel or hotel?? Just anywhere so we can be close by to fish early before the crowds show up???

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    There's one in Palmer. It's right off the Mass pike and about 12 miles from the FF C&R section. Wedgewood Motel

    Directions from the motel to the river. Here

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    There's 2 campgrounds in Monson. I'm not familiar with either though. I have my own land there that we use for camping
    There's also camping at Wells State Park in Sturbridge
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Thanks guys appreciated!!!!

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    Had a drive up last week, plenty of fish rising. Plan to fish there Tuesday or Wednesday this week for the first time

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