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    Default Swift River Massachusetts

    Thanks good to know!!!

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    No problem at all. We will be fishing the swift on the 17th and 18th rain or shine. We have reservations at Hampton Inn in Amherst or Hadley? I forget which lol. My birthday is the 18th and we don't feel like driving so far so I figured the swift is a good choice to get away for a couple days and do some fishing.

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    Default Swift River Massachusetts

    Sounds like a good plan but from what the weathermen are saying Massachusetts is going to be under 10 feet of snow.

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    I like fishing in the snow I will bring the snow shoes if I have to and the hotel room has a hot tub so it's all good!

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    Default Swift River Massachusetts

    Ha ha if I'm in mass that weekend ill try to hit the swift. How far is the inn from the river.

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    Cool man, it is about 25 minutes.

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    How'd it go? We got a pretty good dump! I'm itching to get out, are the fish active out there?

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    We got 2 fish each on Sunday. It was brutal out, COLD and 25mph wind but we pushed through and made it a productive day. We will be back up next weekend most likely since trout season closes here this week.

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    Default Swift River Massachusetts

    Heading to the swift this weekend not sure which day yet. Can't wait!!!!

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    Let us know how you do! I am swamped this weekend so not sure when I will be able to make it back up. I am hoping the warm weather decides to show up so I can fish the salt instead soon.

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