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    Default Swift River Massachusetts

    Anyone ever fish the swift river in Belchertown or Ware Mass. Probably the only place I know of in Mass to consistently catch trophy rainbows and landlocked salmon. I Talking to the locals they informed me that the salmon got washed over the dam in high water and take refuge in the river. The river is cold clear shallow river that is basically sight fishing the wholke way down. If you can figure out what they are feeding on usually the smallest dries you can have a ball. I would try to stay away from weekend because it is pretty heavily fished but if you can get there early on a weekday you can have a ball all day long. Ive always fished early spring but will be making a summer trip soon I know the fish will be there. If you want to see some live action of the swift you can see my videos on youtube my id is bowsie15!!!!

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    A small river that is very crowded most days. Mostly locals who fish there multiple days a week. Be ready to have one or two walk thru the run you're fishing. And most of the fish have names.

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    Ha ha true I've had good luck going really early in the am and during the week I try and avoid the weekends.

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    The Swift is a great place to fish. It can be fun or frustrating, but it's always a challenge. There are Rainbows, Brookies, Browns, Tigers, Lakers, landlocked Salmon and Smallmouth to be caught. The Lakers, Salmon and Smallies all come over the spillway.

    The FF only C&R section above Rt. 9 is great fishing. This section IMO is the best for dry fly fishing.

    The lower portion of the river below Rt. 9 has some good fishing also. This section is accessible by canoe or kayak. There are quite a few nice size fish and some huge ones.

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    I was there awhile ago, great fun. In the FF C&R area (especially the Y fork) you'll have fish all over. They seemed to be liking sulphers that day.

    The lower portion friar mentions also had a good amount of action, though it gets deep quick and not great for wading - you'll want a boat. Some real lunkers there.

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    I've done really good there with orange and red San Juan worms. They hit them all day every day I've been there!!!

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    See, I've heard this about the Swift, so I haven't made the trip from Boston (JP) yet. Instead, I go to the Millers, which is nice. However, with water temps what they are, it would be nice to hear some non-nightmare stories about the Swift during the summer on weekdays--I just don't enjoy crowded rivers.

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    The Sulphur hatch is coming to an end now. They get smaller towards the end of the hatch. Last one I saw was about a size 22.

    I haven't used San Juan worms there, but I did catch a big Rainbow with a white San Juan worm in it's mouth just a couple weeks ago.

    There's always a bunch of people there even on the weekdays. Mostly locals who fish there all the time. There are a couple grumpy people, but most are really friendly and willing to give tips to new guys.

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    Default Re: Swift River Massachusetts

    I can confirm that I saw people slaying with the San Juan worm, pink and white.

    If you move down river from the Y fork it seems less busy. I was there on a Saturday my most recent time, there were maybe 4 at the Y fork, a couple people up river, and two or three down river, but even further down (still great wading) it was fairly empty for good stretches. Everyone seemed pretty nice and were trading flies.

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    There's one old timer I was talking to there that fishes the river everyday and he has for years. He will tell you everything you need to know. He usually starts at the y pool and works his way upstream really nice guy and a legend around there.

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