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tim_y 09-07-2012 11:04 AM

Penobscot Mid May
Hey All,

A buddy of mine are changing our usual week long trip in the Catskills to a road trip to Maine next spring. A friend did it last year and said the fishing was great, although he went in July when the blackflies were almost unbearable. Going in Mid May, I think we might miss the flies, but also get the first run of LL's. We're looking at backpacking into the WB of the Penobscot and hiking in a bit to avoid the crowds.

I think we have some time to plan out locations and scour over maps, but I was wondering if anyone had some input on gear and fly selections. Would 3-6 wts. cover us or will we be undegunned? I've read a lot of streamers and sinking lines, but am still in the dark on this one. Any input if appreciated.


stanbiker 09-08-2012 12:37 AM

Re: Penobscot Mid May
Mid-May is a little early on the WB. It's usually early June before it warms up and the fishing picks up. I wouldn't count on missing the black flies that early either, and since I'm being negative....the golden road follows most of the WB, so there isn't as much hiking as you would think to get away from the crowds.

All that being said, the crowds aren't usually that bad. It's still a beautiful location and river even when the fishing is slow. If you haven't' been there before, it's big and fast so be cautious. I would recommend a wading staff. Your rods should be fine. I usually used a 5wt whenever I went. Fish early before the inflatable hatch starts, then later when they are gone.

I haven't been since I moved to AK, but always enjoyed the river when I lived in Maine.

Good luck!

iluv2fish 12-29-2012 06:47 PM

Re: Penobscot Mid May
I fish and camp the WB alot. Your not going to miss the crowds by hiking anywhere cause the golden road provides easy access to most of the river. You can hike the fishermans trail and get into sections of the river most dont fish by going into rip dam and hiking down stream. that early i would take streamers and a few different smelt immatations. maybe a few dries. Know that the weather is still going to be cool and the nights may get down right cold. Also make sure you check water flowages. much over 2500 to 2700 and its to much water. anything over 3500 and access becomes a problem in most spots.

need any more info send me a PM and i can get you my cell number and feed you more info in private.

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