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Thread: Pulaski Steel

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben664 View Post
    Red Owl;

    I'm also totally new for steelhead fishing on the Great Lakes. I recommand you this book Great Lakes Steelhead, Salmon & Trout: Essential Techniques for Fly Fishing the Tributaries: Karl Weixlmann: 9780811735834: Books I just finish read it last week, and it's a VERY good book (when, where, and how to fish).

    If anyone have other references, please share !!
    Looks like a fun read and 'went' to the Amazon sight and did a "Well I'll Be Damned!?" Kindle I know of, want to buy one? Not a chance.

    The "Well-Well-Well, who knew?" You can download the kindle app into your computer, you don't need a tablet. Couldn't hit that key fast enough.

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    that is a fantastic book.

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    Anyone fished the SR lately? I stopped going end of January, but I'm going for 4-5 days end of this month. I'd like to hear anyone's take on steel as of late.
    Gas prices killed my trips for a bit.


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    I was up there in Jamuary and it was a little slow. Fished the kiddie pool LFZ section swinging. When I got bored, moved around a little, but the majority of the fish were upstream along with the other fishermen.

    One word of caution to all. Do not go up there in a white out. I tried and almost didn't make it out of there. I've never seen snow come down so hard so fast.

    I'm from up there, but have been away for a couple of years. Oh how one forgets about lake effect!!

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    We were up there a couple of weeks ago with the river flowing at a respectable 500cfs - we spent the first afternoon around the town pool, ballpark, and the staircase - nothing. The next day we spent too much time fishing good looking water at the Sportsman's pool, with nothing and then moved up to the LFZ late in the day where we got on to a few fish - the next day we decided to try the DSR - hardly any cars in the lot (should have taken the hint) and no fish - felt like laying $90 on the water to let it drift away - left there around 1pm and went back up to the LFZ, where we got onto some fish - we spent the rest of our time fishing there, it was fairly uncrowded (by SR standards) and we got onto some nice fish -

    looks like the river is running high now @ 1300-1650cfs, not so good for the fishing - cheers!

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    Best time is is tied to either the salmon run's as you noted - at this time fish well below the salmon reds as steelies pick off washed down eggs - or close to the bank under brush out of current

    in the spring 1st week march thru last week april... keep off their reds about 20ft below are males that didn't get a girlfriend..

    done alot of winter steel in pulaski - get dead slow but you can still get lucky.

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