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    Default Favorite less expensive rods / reels?

    I had a Cabela's Three Forks rod to start, and TBH I didn't love it - it wasn't bad but the action was a bit janky, if that makes sense. Graduated to a Gray's and it was like night and day.

    However, as my username indicates, I currently have a 4wt and would like to end up having an 8 or a 9, as well as a super lightweight rod.

    I have an Orvis near me, but they're too pricy (though NICE!). I was curious if anyone here had recommendations for less expensive rods (and reels to go with them), with the caveat that I understand that you get what you pay for.

    Thanks for any tips!

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    Default Re: Favorite less expensive rods / reels?

    check out allen fly fishing. great products, great warranty and even greater prices
    Allen Fly Fishing

    hope this helps.



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    Default Re: Favorite less expensive rods / reels?


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    Best thing about these 2 brands is you can have a rod and reel for less than $200 right now since the Konics switched colors and the Echo Carbonsare being changed as well so both are on clearence all over the web.

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    Default Re: Favorite less expensive rods / reels?

    well there are a number of rods in this category that may suit your needs. First and foremost I would recomend the Orvis Clearwater 8'6" 4 weight at the $200 price point. In my opinion the best for cheap, little to no re-verb in the blank, excellent line tracking and weighs just 3 ounces, for $200 its hard to beat. Next I would recomend the Winston Passport, this rod is also at the $200 price point, its one of two Winston rods wrapped over seas, its not assembled in Montana like the rest of thier rods but still amazing for the money, either 8', 8'6", 9' foot models are all good in the 4 weight. The TFO, professional is another good inexpensive choice in a 4 weight model for UNDER $200, but not better than the 2 previous rods mentioned IMO. Like I said before, at the $200 price point your not going to find better rods, people may disagree, but take it from me ive been in the fly-fishing industry for years. If your willling to spend $320 the G.Loomis Pro4x is an incredible stick, and propbably one of the best price to performance ratios on the market today, if you can spend it, this rod will satisfy even the most experienced angler. I'm not sure what your price limit is, so here are just a few suggestions. If you can give me an accurate dollar amount I would be happy to provide you with more suggestions. Hope this helps, tight lines

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    Default Re: Favorite less expensive rods / reels?

    IMHO it's your choice and your choice alone. You will get a lot of helpful hints or suggestions but if I were you, I would pick a price range, ignore the rods that don't fit the budget, go to a dedicated fly shop and cast till you find one that suits your experience level, and matches the type of fishing you expect to do. From there, everything else is aesthetics. Enjoy whatever you buy and good luck .

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    Default Re: Favorite less expensive rods / reels?

    I dont think for the $$ TFO can be beat...I use them for lessons...and they are great rods, and the guarantee is hard to beat...Lamson reels are tearing up the market too...

    I was at the show in Denver and tried the TFO and a Sage ...and for 500$ there was not that big a difference...most peolpe would never know the difference..JMHO...

    the high dollar stuff isnt as appealing as it once was to me becase of how much other things are costing...shops like the $$ because the mark up is

    a typical TFO costs a shop 130-175$ and retails for $225-325.00 a similar sage costs a shop 260.00 and retails from between $480-545.00...hmmm...thats a big difference...

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    Default Re: Favorite less expensive rods / reels?

    The TFO are great rods too. We have both an 8' 4wt TFO Pro series and an 8' 4wt Echo Carbon and the quality is there and they are both a joy to cast. If I were deciding between the 2 right now, it would come down to the carbon on clearence for $85 with a tube, or $150 for the TFO without one.

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  11. Default Re: Favorite less expensive rods / reels?

    I'm looking for a 9'6" #8wt and thinking of the Sage One. Are there similar rods with the same/similar action for less money??

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    Default Re: Favorite less expensive rods / reels?

    if you can find a redington CPS you'll be good to go, also, the redington Classic trout for smaller weight rods, again, if you can find one. Sometimes they come up on ebay or other sites used. Well worth the investment.

    Addicted To Vise Flies

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