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dgarp187 05-16-2013 12:42 PM

West Branch of Delaware Nymphing
Hey everyone,

I recently got into fly fishing and have been fishing on the west branch of the Delaware mainly nymphing. I caught my first trout yesterday on a #16 bh pheasant tail. I also landed a small trout on a #14 bh prince but that was all the action I have had in the past month I have been fly fishing. I have been using a 9 foot leader with a split shot when necessary to keep the nymph right on the bottom with an indicator on 75% of the time. Other nymphs I have tried are 14-16 bh hares ear, 14-16 assorted color copper johns, and a sulphur nymphomaniac. Does anyone have any information to help me get a little more action?



theboz 05-16-2013 02:46 PM

Re: West Branch of Delaware Nymphing
The West Branch is a beautiful piece of water. You should be getting some opportunities now with dry flys in the evening and the morning. Also I haven't been there in a while but I used to catch some nice fish swinging streamers. Your lucky it's a great place to fish !

I see your in Binghampton , my cousin lives there. How's the world slowest McDonalds?
I also used to fish some streams in Deposit with great success as well as Oquaga Lake.
Oh and welcome to the forum!

jmh8098 05-17-2013 08:41 AM

Re: West Branch of Delaware Nymphing
The WB Delaware is a tough river to earn your stripes on. I have fished many rivers in the rockies and the east and I would say it is one of the most technical fisheries out there. When a fish is locked in on a food source it is just not going to hit your fly because it it there, it has to look right and you have to present it right. You could have a dozen trout surface feeding on a flat and every single trout could be feeding on a different bug, and of the different bugs, a different stage of that bug. It is not uncommon to have 5 or six major hatches going on at the same time on the WB. When you get closer to the dam then all bets are off. I've seen Hendrickson's come off just below the weir in mid to late July, along with sulphers, olives, caddis, march browns... I have had quite a bit of success nymphing on the WB and I find that your common pheasant tail, hares ear, ect. are all you need but size and color are the biggest factor than a particular pattern. Oh and a nice big fluffy stimulator like size 8 (not kidding!) in the fast water in the lower sections for rocketship rainbows is tough to beat.


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