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  1. Question Otisco Lake fly patterns

    Hello all,

    I'm inquiring the populous of this most gracious forum to get information on fly patterns people have had marginal success in catching fish on the subject lake above.

    Can anyone note any fly patterns for Bass, Pan fish and Muskie on this lake?

    I never fished this lake before and wondering what people would recommend.


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    Bump to some one that fished NY waters

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    84, I can't help with that lake, as I've never been there, but IMO for the species you list, there are many patterns that are universally productive. Lefty's Deceivers & Clouser Minnows are 2 that come to mind. These are styles rather that specific patterns, that can be tied in many variations. Most any species that will eat smaller fishes, will eat these 2 styles of flies.

    Panfish, again, there are many patterns, and would likely only require adjustments for weighting depending on the depth. However, fish species such as Crappies or Perch tend to favor baitfish patterns, and Bluegills & some of the other Sunfishes might be more prone to accepting nymphs or small topwater flies. In such case, a variety of fly types & sizes is always a good idea to have on hand.

    Muskies, from what I've read & the flies posted here, appear to like large, generally baitfish type patterns. At least in general shape, as some of the colors range from black to very gaudy & really look nothing like a real baitfish. They should push water too, & not necessarily be slim. A search for various Pike & Musky flies should provide some patterns. I've never fished for Muskies, but do have a bunch of lures that are designed for them. There is a great deal of variation in styles & colors with Muskie lures. I use them for Striped Bass & have read of folks using lures designed for Striped Bass to chase Muskies. That tells me that big flies & some variety of colors is again what you might need to shoot for.
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