Thanks for all of the advice, maps and river updates. We (my wife, her brother and I) made it into the area earlier than I thought we would and my sister in law and her new husband were still at work so we headed up river to check things out.

Our first stop was Kent Falls. The hike to the top was just what we needed to stretch our legs after a 9 hour drive. Back at the bottom I talked to a nice guy who had just finished fishing the bottom pool. He gave us some great advice on a nearby hole to hit. We still had some time to kill so we headed upriver to West Cornwall, stopping at several pull offs on the way to check things out and allow my wife to get pictures of the church in Cornwall Bridge and the Covered Bridge in West Cornwall. My BIL and I were very tempted to get our rods out but my wife out voted us so she could visit with her sister. I did convince her to stop at The Housatonic Outfitters shop were we spent some money and got some more great advice.

Saturday morning my BIL and I got up early to go fishing while my wife, her sister and new BIL went to get ready the wedding reception. We chose a hole a little off the road a short hike through the woods just a little ways down stream from West Cornwall. I found a nice deep pocket between some riffles and tied on a pearl chenille white zonker streamer with brass dumbbell red eyes I had tied last week. A few cast into the pocket didn't produce anything so I waded a little into the hole to cast into the shallow current at the down stream edge of the pocket. On my second cast I hooked up with a nice size brown who took off a short distance, made a great leap straight up into the air and threw my hook. A few minutes later I hooked up again in the same spot and had a nice fight with another one around 14"and very well fed. I was having some issues getting my net off while juggling my camera and rod, so I decide to try for a couple of water pics rather than net him. My pics turned out horrible and all you can see is my tight line and a silvery flash. He shook the hook and took off before I could get more than two shots above water and none from below. After that we waded up river a little ways and tried a couple more holes. I made the mistake of switching my fly and didn't have another strike. My BIL took a swim in the last hole we hit. He's been fly fishing for several years and that was his first. His wading belt worked well and he only got wet from the waist up before getting his footing.

My wife and I spent Sunday afternoon shopping in Kent. Great town and we look forward to visiting it again. Late in the afternoon I went on a solo trip to the same hole about an hour and a half before sunset. Trout were rising in the same pocket of water but I couldn't get them to hit on anything I tossed to them. All in all we had a great time and I can't wait to visit again. Any of you who live close are very lucky.

Next Friday I leave for a week long guys only trip to Michigan for steelhead. This will be my second time going up there and I can't wait. Thanks again,