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Thread: Fall/Winter fishing in MA?

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    Default Fall/Winter fishing in MA?

    This year was my first year fly fishing. I've fished the Swift, Quinnie, Stillwater, Millers, Ware, Squannacook and Nissitissit rivers. Of all of the rivers, the Millers has been my favorite. With no rain in the past month, the only rivers that I've had any success with recently have been the Swift and Millers. The other rivers just have no water and although there should be fish in there, I can't seem to find the deep dark holes they are hiding in.

    My question now is where do you all go to fish when the weather gets cold? I know you can fish the Swift year round, but that river holds the least appeal for me. Sight fishing is OK, but it is more appealing to me trying to find the right place in the river where fish should be, then dropping your fly there and hooking a fish.

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    The other option would be the Deerfield, although I've never fished there in the winter. Since it's a tailwater the water stays a little warmer than freestone streams. The only place I've fished in mass during the winter is the Swift and I agree that there is something a little unappealing to me about it.

    I have fished the Farmington in CT in the winter and it can be very good. For where I live in mass, I can get to the Farmington a little faster than the Deerfield.

    Fall is my favorite time to fish, just keep trying. Streamers work well in the fall, that might be something to focus on if you haven't yet.

    The Millers used to be my favorite river a few years ago. I've had some great days there but I've become sort of a wild fish person recently so I did most of my fishing where there are more wild browns. Salmon should be starting in Wachusett tribs soon, that can be fun. They can be frustrating but they are a neat challenge.

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