I said I would post a bit more on this great river. One thing is that the water can change very fast-I always keep an ear out for changes in the sound of the flow when I am pushing the limits of time for releases from the many dams on the river. You can go to www.zoaroutdoors.com/schedule.htm for an easily readable schedule but they do sometimes do unscheduled releases. There is good fishing starting around April and going through December if you can stand the cold...trout, browns, rainbows, brookies all are pretty plentiful with holdovers in the 2-3 pound range(just caught one last weekend) and a few larger browns. There are a couple of catch and release mandated areas so check this out before you go. If you are interested in native brookies, most of the small feeder steams contain them and are fished less.
Tight lines.