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  1. Default winter fly fishing in NH

    new to the forum and just wondering if anybody is fishing any rivers in northern NH. THANKS

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    Default Re: winter fly fishing in NH

    Welcome to our group !

    The CT river below Lake Francis is a tailwater. I'm not familiar with people fishing there in the winter, but I wouldn't be surprised
    However the season may be closed.
    Most folks up that way this time of year are there to "ride"
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    Default Re: winter fly fishing in NH

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy
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    Thanks guys for responding, I live in the north country and the rivers are open to fly fishing if you can find open water. Just seeing if anybody has tried there luck and to see what fly there using.

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    The season is definitely open:

    New Hampshire Fishing Seasons - N.H. Fish and Game

    You might consider calling North Country Anglers in N. Conway. (I'm assuming they're open.)

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