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  1. Default New to fly fishing. CT

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I'm Johnny and I live in CT. I just recently picked up some Fly Fishing equipment and plan on fishing in the Naugatuck river and the Farmington River along with some of my current hot spots (smaller streams around my area). It would be great to hear from some local anglers who wouldn't mind meeting up to fish sometime. Either way Hi!

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    Default Re: New to fly fishing. CT

    Fishing in the Naugatuck river.... When I was growing up in that area the Naugatuck was so polluted you wouldn't even want to walk near it, never mind fish in it. Nothing could live in it anyway. What a tribute to the conservationists who prevailed and reclaimed that river. And good luck fishing.

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    Default Re: New to fly fishing. CT

    Johnny: Welcome to the forum! I can't help with your local fishing, but hopefully someone here can provide you with some help.


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    Default Re: New to fly fishing. CT Larry I think someone will help soon...

  5. Default Re: New to fly fishing. CT

    You are a lucky newbie....I live in NY and it takes me 90 minutes to get to the Farmington River in CT (which I can't complain about) That is one of the most awesome flyfishing rivers in the entire Northeast. I suggest you go online and join the Farmington Rivers Angler's association...or the closest Trout Unlimited seems like they have various local meetings and even have a cookout or two at some of the parks along that river. This is probably the best way for you to hookup with locals that fish it alot. I fish many rivers in NY - when I drive to CT. its either to the Housatonic (another great river) or the Farmington........ in terms of dry fly fishing I don't think there is another River on the east coast that has so much consistent top water action. Congrats on taking up the greatest sport and living in a State with great trout streams

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    Hi Johnny,

    I am also newish to fly fishing and CT. I am currently spending my work week in Norwalk and drive back to the boston area on the weekend. I drive over the Willamantic river ever week!

    It would be great to connect as the temps start to rise (if they ever do). I've also fished the Housitanic via float trip twice this past year. IN the summer for smallmouth and late this fall from rainbows. There's a great guide there for the trip.

    Hope to hear from you and others to connect with.



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    Default Re: New to fly fishing. CT

    Welcome to the forum and a lifetime obsession with fly fishing. I live a few miles from the Housatonic where I do most of my fishing. I only moved to CT last summer, so have not had the chance to fish other rivers. The Farmington is on my list when we get some warmer weather
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    I have been spinfishing since I was a kid and the Farmington River was always a favorite for trout. Either way I am meeting up with some people from Mianus TU on march 22nd. I cant wait maybe you guys can meet up with us.

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    Default Re: New to fly fishing. CT

    Hello Johnny (and Walter and Matt) from the northeast corner of CT
    Takes me nearly 90min to get to the Farmington too ! (actually much longer because there's so many other places to stop and fish)
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    Default Re: New to fly fishing. CT

    Hi Johnny,

    I live a little north and west from you, here in CT.

    I just got back to fly fishing and I'm quite a rookie. would love to wet a few in the Farmington.

    3/22 might lead to some pretty high water on the Farmington but if there is room in your party, pm me with the details and maybe we can meet up.

    Welcome to the forum!

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