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    Default Central Park on the Fly

    Apart from the poetic sound of the title, I wonder if there is someone who can tell details about what it is like to fly fish in the Central Park of New York City.

    Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club

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    You will have plenty of fans if you choose to fly fish central park. From my experience , pedestrians become intrigued by the sight of the line looping in the do expect many children to ask many questions. It is not uncommon for a photographer to snap a few pics of you as well. Makes me feel like a star , great boost of ego for the day.

    I usually hit 110th and what is called the harlem meer. Its a great spot for big carp, largemouth bass and panfish . Carp is a fish for which I enjoy the term urban bone fish. They can put up a wonderful fight. In no time you will be in your backing. From the time they gulp a caddis, hold on and have fun, they will put that 5 weight to the test.

    And finally, do bring a blanket and lunch. Reward yourself after some fin chasing with sun and relaxation.

    tight lines friend

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    The Harlem Meer is the site of some of the first, if not the first, fly casting tournaments in America.

    Unfortunately, poachers have taken a lot of the big bass.

    Just bring you fishing license and barbless hooks; and please watch your back casts.

    Perhaps this will give you a feel for what it's like to fish there. It's really a memoir:

    An Angling Legend Of The Harlem Meer, short story by Randy Kadish


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    Default Re: Central Park on the Fly

    Hi rgj230 & randyflycaster

    Thanks for great input.
    I was living in NY for 10 years up to age 25 and I actually walked by the Harlem Mere a lot after Sunday visit to church. Never knew that pond held fly casting tournament or good fishing potential!

    As for sunfish, what would you say the average size and the flies to bring about? As for carp, my club mate is a carp enthusiasts from Scotland who gave me tons of carp flies to test out.

    Also, I couldn't find any sales agent for NY State fishing license for visitors on their website, but I remember buying them off tackle stores on 23rd street. They didn't let me buy one online for I don't have US driver's license number... How do you guys manage that?
    Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club

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    Funny you posted this, I recently ran into a group of guys from NY who told me they caught some nice carp while fishing in central park. They said some people stared at them as if they were aliens. Post how it works out for you and maybe Ill cancel my trip to Maine and head to NYC instead..

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    Default Re: Central Park on the Fly

    ....if I were to fish the "Meer" my rig would be a 3 piece bamboo pole, some mono for line, a red/white bobber, a #8 Eagle Claw bait holder and some par-boiled elbow macaroni slipped around the bend of the hook. A folding camp chair with a can holder for a comfortable place to sit and a beer.....and a book... like "Fishless Days and Angling Nights".

    Hopefully the muted city sounds bouncing off the skywalls and subtle taxi honks would lull me to a nap and I could dream of greener pastures.

    ..... although it would be a great place to hold a casting competition, been awhile since that's taken place.

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    Default Re: Central Park on the Fly

    Never fished there, but I bet a switch or spey rod would be a hoot!


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    I do use a spey rod.


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    There's some LMB, and sunfish in the pond near park ave south. You will also see a couple big carp in the afternoon sun near the path on the 5th ave side.

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    Default Re: Central Park on the Fly

    I reckon bass, sunfish, and carp then.
    I will take out my short 6wt and tenkara in my backpack.
    Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club

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