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    Default Housatonic River region round 2

    Last week I spent the weekend in Connecticut with my wife, father in law and his fiancée, visiting my wife's sister and her husband. We found a great place to stay in Cornwall Bridge, called the Amselhaus. The price and location were great and I really couldn't have asked for anything better.

    The first afternoon we decided to give my brother in law fly fishing lessons while the girls shopped. He has never fly fished, which is insane living in that area. I gave him about 15 minutes of casting lessons on the grass in the park. After a few pointers like, slow down your cast, don't hit yourself in the face and my favorite lesson, you can't cast your way out of a knot, he was getting the hang of it. I set him up at a small pool and chose a spot further up the brook at the base of some falls. I've never fished a brook as small as the one we were in but it was loaded with stocked trout and no one else was fishing. After a few minutes we had attracted a small crowd of hikers asking a lot of questions about what we were doing and asking if there really were fish in that tiny brook. After a few cast I started to feel very lite bites and finally got a nice hook up, I Pulled in my line and had caught my first brook trout. When I picked all 8 inches of her up out of the water I got a huge round of applause from my spectators.

    After a few more casts and one more catch I noticed my brother in law struggling to untangle from some weeds where I left him. He said he hadn't gotten a bite so I set him up were I caught my two and explained to him that the bites were barely noticeable. Within a few minutes he had caught 4 trout and had a giant smile on his face. He said last year he only caught 2 bass all summer with his spin caster and here he was first time fly fishing, lessons from a some what novice fly guy, and he had caught 4. All in all a great afternoon.

    We never did make it into the Housatonic river and only got a couple of hours in another small stream but we did a ton of hiking and had a great weekend. Hopefully this fall or next spring we can make it back.

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    Default Re: Housatonic River region round 2

    I'm glad you had a good experience in our little corner of fishing heaven.

    The welcome mat is always out for you in these parts.

    Next time come back when you have a little more time.

    Tight lines,


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    Default Re: Housatonic River region round 2

    Sounds like a great time.

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