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Thread: Is it time?

  1. Default Is it time?

    Well the ice is starting to melt on the ponds and lakes. Anyone been out on the rivers and streams yet? In the local bait shop the other day, a guy mentioned that the Swift River is starting to produce for a few people. How about the Millers, Deerfield, or Farmington?

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    Been out a couple times on the Shawsheen river here in the Northeast corner of Massachusett's, but really haven't seen much happening yet... First real warm spell appears to be on the way over the next few days, will be nice to feel the sun after a cool start to spring.

    Some trout stocking activity has been taking place...

    MassWildlife - Trout Stocked Waters

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    Hi everyone... I was hoping someone could tell me when the first day is in NY. Thanks in advance.

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