Went to the Cold River yesterday(it's a trib to the Deerfield), caught a couple brookies when it started to thunder so I started back. I walked right up to a bear about 40 ft up the path eating something on the ground. I back pedaled pretty quicky but it smelled me and was looking hard in my direction. By that time I was on my way climbing to the road. Once there I started forward figuring it was long gone but as I approached a spot opposite to where it was two cubs crossed the road in front of me. They, and the sow were between me and my truck. Not a nice feeling. Anyway, I waited a long time(it seemed to me) and the sow crossed the road and they all went into the woods. After my heart rate slowed, I went to the truck and home. Bear sightings are getting pretty common here but this is the first time I have ever been this close.